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    1. Alien Megastructure Star Subject of Spaces Deepest Secrets Video Clip
      Wed May 24 01:26:00 2017
      The Science Channel show takes a look at the mysteriously dimming star. [...]
    2. Orbit of Earth-Size Exoplanet TRAPPIST-1h in Alien Solar System Nailed Down
      Tue May 23 06:05:00 2017
      Astronomers have nailed down the path of the outermost planet in the TRAPPIST-1 system, finding that this world takes 19 Earth days to complete one lap around its small, faint host star. [...]
    3. Astronomers scramble as alien megastructure star dims again
      Tue May 23 05:30:00 2017
      Tabbys stars weird behaviour has been blamed on everything from asteroids to aliens. Now astronomers are racing to watch its dimming in action[...]
    4. Alien Director Challenges Actors Like a Xenomorph, Star Says
      Tue May 23 00:00:00 2017 asked the cast of Ridley Scotts new sci-fi horror film "Alien: Covenant" how they prepared for roles in which they have to put themselves in the shoes of superhumans in distress. [...]
    5. The Star That Probably Doesnt Have an Alien Megastructure But Maybe it Does is Dimming Again
      Sat May 20 18:43:42 2017
      The mysterious star that was found to be dimming in 2015 prompting speculation about an alien megastucture has been spotted dimming again! The post The Star That Probably Doesnt Have an Alien Megastructure But Maybe it Does is Dimming [...]
    6. Live look at the alien megastructure star may solve mysteries
      Sat May 20 17:28:00 2017
      Astronomers may have ruled out an alien megastructure as the likely cause behind KIC 8462852s strange dimming, but its still mysterious -- and thats partly due to the lack of live data as live as you can get for a star 1,277 light years[...]
    7. Alien: Covenant Cast Calls Space Colonization a Risky Necessity
      Fri May 19 06:38:00 2017
      With their ominous, gory visions of extraterrestrials, the "Alien" movies could cause some viewers to fear space exploration. But the latest movies cast and production team think any possible danger is a necessary risk to prepare for the possibility [...]
    8. Alien: Covenant Brings Bloody Thrills, Underwhelming Answers to the Alien Saga
      Fri May 19 06:30:00 2017
      In the latest installment of the "Alien" movie saga, another crew of space travelers inadvertently winds up face to face with some of the most horrifying extraterrestrial creatures Hollywood has to offer. [...]
    9. Alien Megastructure Star Is at It Again with the Strange Dimming
      Fri May 19 03:15:00 2017
      Tabbys star, the mysterious object that has exhibited a perplexing pattern of dimming and brightening, is at it again, and telescopes around the world are heeding the call to gather data on during the event. [...]
    10. Styrofoam Planet Discovery Will Help Us Find Habitable Planets and Alien Life
      Fri May 19 03:07:00 2017
      KELT-11b will help astronomers develop the best tools for assessing habitability or possible life on distant exoplanets. [...]

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