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    1. Small Asteroid Is Earths Constant Companion
      Sun Jan 21 12:50:49 2018
      A small asteroid has been discovered in an orbit around the sun that keeps it as a constant companion of Earth, and it will remain so for centuries to come. [...]
    2. This is a Test: Asteroid Tracking Network Observes Close Approach
      Sun Jan 21 11:36:05 2018
      A small space rock is being used by asteroid trackers around the world to test an international warning network. [...]
    3. Small Asteroid to Pass Close to Earth March 8
      Sun Jan 21 05:29:08 2018
      A small asteroid that two years ago flew past Earth at a comfortable distance of about 1.3 million miles 2 million kilometers will safely fly by our planet again in a few weeks, though this time it may be much closer. [...]
    4. Asteroid-Hunting Spacecraft Delivers a Second Year of Data
      Sun Jan 21 04:57:57 2018
      NASAs NEOWISE spacecraft discovered 72 near-Earth objects out of 439 characterized in its first two years of operations. [...]
    5. NASA Celebrates International Asteroid Day with Special Broadcast
      Sun Jan 21 04:37:52 2018
      NASA will mark International Asteroid Day Friday, June 30, with a special program on NASA TV and online featuring the agencys work to find and study near-Earth objects. [...]
    6. Radar Images Provide New Details on Halloween Asteroid
      Sun Jan 21 00:47:12 2018
      The highest-resolution images of asteroid 2015 TB145 yield new information about surface features. [...]
    7. NASA Asteroid Redirect Mission Completes Design Milestone
      Sat Jan 20 19:06:56 2018
      NASA has approved the Asteroid Redirect Mission ARM to proceed to the next phase of design and development for the missions robotic segment [...]
    8. Radar Images of a Christmas-Eve Asteroid: An Early Gift for Astronomers
      Sat Jan 20 15:32:20 2018
      New radar images show asteroid 2003 SD220, which will safely fly past Earth on Dec. 24. [...]
    9. Small Asteroid Flew Safely Past Earth Today
      Sat Jan 20 14:53:58 2018
      A small asteroid designated 2016 RB1 safely flew past Earth today, Sept. 7, at a distance of about 25,000 miles just less than 110th the distance of Earth to the moon. [...]
    10. Asteroid to Fly Safely Past Earth on April 19
      Sat Jan 20 13:31:44 2018
      A fairly large asteroid discovered nearly three years ago will safely pass about 1.1 million miles from Earth on April 19. Thats about 4.6 times the Earth-moon distance. [...]

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