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    1. NASA Update on Asteroid Redirect Mission
      Tue Feb 21 04:41:17 2017
      On Thursday, June 19, NASA will host a televised update on recent progress and upcoming milestones in the agencys efforts to identify, capture and relocate an asteroid, and send astronauts to take samples of it in the 2020s. [...]
    2. Spitzer Spies an Odd, Tiny Asteroid
      Tue Feb 21 02:35:14 2017
      Astronomers using NASAs Spitzer Space Telescope have measured the size of an asteroid candidate for NASAs proposed Asteroid Redirect Mission ARM. [...]
    3. Giant Telescopes Pair Up to Image Near-Earth Asteroid
      Tue Feb 21 02:32:21 2017
      NASA scientists using Earth-based radar have produced sharp views of a recently discovered asteroid as it slid silently past our planet. [...]
    4. Radar Images Provide New Details on Halloween Asteroid
      Mon Feb 20 16:27:05 2017
      The highest-resolution images of asteroid 2015 TB145 yield new information about surface features. [...]
    5. Asteroid Named for Nobel Prize Winner Joins Historic Lineup
      Mon Feb 20 16:21:50 2017
      An asteroid discovered by NASAs NEOWISE spacecraft has a new designation: 316201 Malala, to honor Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, who received the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. [...]
    6. Asteroid to Fly By Earth Safely on January 26
      Mon Feb 20 15:56:25 2017
      The January 26 flyby of asteroid 2004 BL86 will be the closest by any known space rock this large until an asteroid flies past Earth in 2027. [...]
    7. NASA Asteroid Hunter Spacecraft Data Available to Public
      Mon Feb 20 15:37:40 2017
      Millions of images of celestial objects, including asteroids, observed by NASAs NEOWISE spacecraft now are available online to the public. [...]
    8. NASA Announces Latest Progress in Hunt for Asteroids
      Mon Feb 20 11:40:31 2017
      NASA is on the hunt for an asteroid to capture with a robotic spacecraft, redirect to a stable orbit around the moon, and send astronauts to study in the 2020s. [...]
    9. NEOWISE Spots a Comet That Looked Like an Asteroid
      Mon Feb 20 11:22:09 2017
      Comet C2013 UQ4 Catalina was originally thought to be an asteroid, but observations by NASAs NEOWISE spacecraft indicate that its a comet. [...]
    10. The upstart asteroid who showed rings are for everybody
      Mon Feb 20 10:40:00 2017
      Rings were thought to belong only to an exclusive celestial club including flashy giants like Saturn but then Chariklo crashed the party[...]

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