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    1. When radio galaxies collide, supermassive black holes form tightly bound pairs
      Mon Sep 18 11:35:23 2017
      Supermassive black holes found in the centers of galaxies can form gravitationally bound pairs when galaxies merge, according to a new study. [...]
    2. Hubble Spots Pitch Black Hot Jupiter that Eats Light
      Fri Sep 15 13:30:58 2017
      New observations of WASP-12b conducted with the Hubble Space Telescope reveal that the planets sun-facing side "eats light". The post Hubble Spots Pitch Black Hot Jupiter that Eats Light appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    3. Hubble observes pitch black planet
      Thu Sep 14 14:22:33 2017
      Astronomers have discovered that the well-studied exoplanet WASP-12b reflects almost no light, making it appear essentially pitch black. This discovery sheds new light on the atmospheric composition of the planet and also refutes previous hypotheses [...]
    4. On the Existence of Black Holes
      Mon Sep 11 06:18:00 2017
      I think its time for everyone to admit that black holes are annoying. [...]
    5. Strange Object May Be Milky Ways Second-Largest Black Hole and a Cosmic Missing Link
      Fri Sep 8 05:29:00 2017
      A newly discovered object may be the second-largest black hole in the Milky Way, weighing in at about 100,000 times the mass of the sun. [...]
    6. Supermassive Black Holes or Their Galaxies? Which Came First?
      Wed Sep 6 14:13:21 2017
      Its a mystery thats puzzled astronomers for years. Which came first, supermassive black holes or the galaxies that surround them? The post Supermassive Black Holes or Their Galaxies? Which Came First? appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    7. Another Monster Black Hole Found in the Milky Way
      Tue Sep 5 15:52:45 2017
      A team of researchers from japan have found evidence of another massive black hole near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy The post Another Monster Black Hole Found in the Milky Way appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    8. Physicists propose new theories of black holes from the very early universe
      Fri Sep 1 12:55:18 2017
      Primordial black holes, believed to have formed shortly after the Big Bang, might explain how heavy elements such as gold, platinum and uranium came to be, physicists report. [...]
    9. Nobody knows how these baby stars got so close to our black hole
      Wed Aug 30 11:30:00 2017
      A group of stars orbits so close to the Milky Ways black hole that they could have never formed there. But theyre too young to have been born further away[...]
    10. What lit up the universe? Black holes may have punctured darkened galaxies, allowing light to escape
      Wed Aug 30 10:48:00 2017
      Researchers have a new explanation for how the universe changed from darkness to light. They propose that black holes within galaxies produce winds strong enough to fling out matter that punctures holes in galaxies, allowing light to escape. [...]

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