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    1. Enormous Radio Telescope in China Subject of Impossible Engineering Video
      Mon Mar 13 11:03:00 2017
      The Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope FAST is the largest single dish radio telescope int the world. The Science Channel explores the telscope in a new episode of Impossible Engineering." Premieres on March 30, 2017. [...]
    2. You Cant See the Great Wall of China From Space, But You Can See Their Giant Solar Farm
      Tue Feb 28 15:59:06 2017
      While the Great Wall of China is not readily visible from space we debunked that popular myth here there are several other human-built structures that actually can be seen from space. And that list is growing, thanks to the large solar farms being[...]
    3. In China, this is science fictions golden age
      Mon Feb 27 05:16:00 2017
      As China reaches for the stars, with plans for a permanent space station and a Mars mission, its sci-fi is also taking on the world, says author Lavie Tidhar[...]
    4. China to Launch Robotic Cargo Ship for Space Lab in April
      Wed Feb 15 06:30:00 2017
      The countrys first cargo-carrying spacecraft, known as Tianzhou-1, arrived at a launch site in Wenchang City in southern Hainan Province on Monday Feb. 13, according to Chinese media reports. [...]
    5. Chinas Moon-Sampling Mission Targeted for November
      Fri Jan 27 05:30:00 2017
      China is working to launch a sample-return mission to the moon before the end of 2017. [...]
    6. Chinas Busy Space Launch Schedule Rivaled the U.S. in 2016
      Wed Jan 4 05:19:00 2017
      Last year, China equaled the number of orbital launches by the U.S. and, for the first time, overshadowed Russia. [...]
    7. Short Cuts: Order of Canada, MEOSAR Tender, OSIRIS-REx Maneuver, Chinas 5 year Space Plan and More
      Tue Jan 3 09:50:04 2017
      In todays Short Cuts: It was pretty quiet during the holidays but there were a couple of noteworthy items including the Governor General of Canada awarding the Order of Canada to 100 people including six from the space community, the Canadian[...]
    8. Chinas New Earth-Observation Satellites in Unexpected Orbits: Report
      Thu Dec 29 02:06:00 2016
      Two commercial Earth-observation satellites launched by China on Wednesday Dec. 27 are not in their intended orbits, according the launch news website Spaceflight Now. [...]
    9. Chinas Lofty Space Ambitions Include 2018 Landing on Moons Far Side
      Wed Dec 28 08:39:00 2016
      Chinas Information Office of the State Council on December 27 released an expansive white paper on that countrys space activities in 2016, and projected looks at its space agenda in coming years. [...]
    10. Chinas Shenzhou 11 Crew Lands on Earth After Month-Long Space Lab Mission
      Fri Nov 18 10:25:00 2016
      Two Chinese astronauts landed safely back on Earth after a month-long mission that set a new record for Chinas human spaceflight program. [...]

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