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    1. Dawn Maneuvering to Third Science Orbit
      Tue Dec 12 21:50:27 2017
      NASAs Dawn spacecraft is using its ion propulsion system to descend to its third mapping orbit at Ceres, and all systems are operating well. [...]
    2. Dawn Team Shares New Maps and Insights about Ceres
      Tue Dec 12 14:17:59 2017
      Mysteries and insights about Ceres are being discussed this week at the European Planetary Science Conference in Nantes, France. [...]
    3. New Ceres Views as Dawn Moves Higher
      Tue Dec 12 11:51:21 2017
      Newly released images of Ceres from NASAs Dawn spacecraft showcase the dwarf planets diversity and wonder. [...]
    4. Dawn Mission Wins Two Awards
      Tue Dec 12 11:27:42 2017
      The Dawn project team has earned two prestigious awards, honoring its mission to Vesta and Ceres. [...]
    5. Dawn Finds Possible Ancient Ocean Remnants at Ceres
      Tue Dec 12 08:04:03 2017
      Ceres crust as we see it today, with its mixture of ice, salts and hydrated materials, represents most of the dwarf planets ancient ocean, scientists say. [...]
    6. Dawn in Excellent Shape One Month After Ceres Arrival
      Tue Dec 12 05:42:13 2017
      Since its capture by the gravity of dwarf planet Ceres on March 6, NASAs Dawn spacecraft has performed flawlessly, continuing to thrust with its ion engine as planned. [...]
    7. Predawn Sky Show! See the Geminids, Mars, Jupiter & the Moon Wednesday
      Tue Dec 12 04:56:00 2017
      Watch a waning crescent moon pass the dim Red Planet during the early hours of Dec. 13 and then brilliant Jupiter the following morning, as an eye-catching show to accompany the Geminid meteor shower. [...]
    8. New Details on Ceres Seen in Dawn Images
      Mon Dec 11 22:59:56 2017
      Intriguing features on dwarf planet Ceres stand out in exquisite detail in new images from NASAs Dawn spacecraft, which recently reached its lowest-ever altitude at Ceres. [...]
    9. Dawns Ceres Color Map Reveals Surface Diversity
      Mon Dec 11 19:12:02 2017
      A new color map of dwarf planet Ceres, which NASAs Dawn spacecraft has been orbiting since March, reveals the diversity of the surface of this planetary body. [...]
    10. Dawn Sets Course for Higher Orbit
      Mon Dec 11 12:20:33 2017
      After studying Ceres for more than eight months from its low-altitude science orbit, NASAs Dawn spacecraft will move higher up for different views of the dwarf planet. [...]

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