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    1. NASA Awards Contract for Ground Processing of Spaceflight Cargo
      Fri Sep 15 15:00:00 2017
      NASA has awarded a contract to Leidos Innovations Corporation in Houston to provide pressurized cargo packing and unpacking for the International Space Station Program.[...]
    2. Virgin Galactic Nearing Powered SpaceShipTwo Test Flights
      Wed Sep 13 06:43:00 2017
      The chief executive of Virgin Galactic said Sept. 7 that the companys second suborbital spaceplane was "at the edge" of beginning powered test flights, after at least one more glide flight. [...]
    3. Astronauts dont develop anemia during spaceflight, NASA study suggests
      Tue Sep 12 08:30:45 2017
      Space flight anemia -- the reduction of circulating red blood cells during time spent in space -- is an established phenomenon, but it may not be a major concern during long-duration space missions, according to a study. [...]
    4. As Space City Rebounds, Houstons STEM Education Should Take Flight
      Tue Sep 12 06:50:00 2017
      The future of Americas space program depends on all Americans helping the residents of Houston. [...]
    5. Sierra Nevada Takes Steps Toward Orbital Space Plane Flight
      Mon Sep 11 06:11:00 2017
      The Sierra Nevada Corp. is slowly but surely preparing its Dream Chaser space plane for orbital cargo flights, and the company hasnt given up on crewed flights either. [...]
    6. PSLV-C39 Flight Carrying IRNSS-1H Navigation Satellite Unsuccessful
      Fri Sep 1 02:55:04 2017
      The forty first flight of Indias Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV-C39, conducted today August 31, 2017 evening from Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sriharikota, was unsuccessful. PSLV-C39 had a normal lift-off at 1900 hrs IST 7:00 pm and [...]
    7. How Spaceflight Affects the Body on a Molecular Level
      Thu Aug 31 10:22:00 2017
      Humans first journeyed into space in 1961, but even half a century later, questions remain about how spaceflight affects the human body. [...]
    8. Dream Chaser Space Plane Makes Crucial Leap Toward Orbital Flights
      Wed Aug 30 04:50:00 2017
      The Sierra Nevada Dream Chaser space plane, which is scheduled to ferry cargo to the International Space Station by 2020, completed a critical test flight today. [...]
    9. Vomit Comet: Training Flights for Astronauts
      Fri Aug 25 11:50:00 2017
      Astronauts train for weightlessness in aircraft that take them on a roller-coaster ride in the air. The simulation makes some passengers nauseous, which inspired the nickname "Vomit Comet." [...]
    10. Kids with Disabilities Float Like Astronauts in Gleeful Flight
      Fri Aug 25 11:03:00 2017
      A group of eight young people with disabilities recently took the ride of a lifetime: a flight on a parabolic airplane, which re-creates the weightless environment of space. [...]

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