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    1. 7-Year-Old Science Whiz Visits NASA Space Flight Center
      Tue Mar 28 09:19:00 2017
      While most second-graders are busy learning vocabulary and arithmetic and playing soccer and video games, 7-year-old Romanieo Golphin Jr. has been bumping up his proverbial rsum. [...]
    2. Successful HotFire Test Sets SpaceX on Course for Historic Relaunch of 1st Flight-Proven Rocket
      Mon Mar 27 22:57:09 2017
      SPACE VIEW PARKKENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - This afternoons Mar. 27 successful hotfire test of a recycled Falcon 9 booster at the Kennedy Space Center sets SpaceX on course for a rendezvous with history involving the first ever relaunch of a Flig[...]
    3. Flawless SpaceX Falcon 9 Takes Rousing Night Flight Delivery of EchoStar TV Sat to Orbit
      Thu Mar 16 06:01:47 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - Under stellar moonlit Florida skies, a private SpaceX Falcon 9 took flight overnight and flawlessly delivered the commercial EchoStar 23 television satellite to geosynchronous orbit after high winds delayed the rockets roa[...]
    4. Zero 2 Infinity Conducts First Flight Test of Bloostar Balloon-Assisted Launcher
      Wed Mar 15 11:16:00 2017
      Spanish high-altitude balloon specialist Zero 2 Infinity completed its first test flight of Bloostar, a balloon-assisted small-satellite launcher four years in development. [...]
    5. Flight-Sized Boeing Capsule Dropped From Balloon - On-Board Camera Video
      Mon Mar 13 08:47:00 2017
      The parachutes of the CST-100 Starliner were tested after it was dropped from an altitude of 38,300 feet. Multiple parachute deployments were captured by an on-board camera. [...]
    6. Is Commercial Spaceflight Federation Losing Faith In Commercial Spaceflight?
      Sun Mar 5 11:48:35 2017
      Dont expect a space race. SpaceX and NASA need each other , LA Times "The whole idea is that NASA is at the point of a spear," said Howard McCurdy, professor in the school of public affairs at American University. "Its like explorat[...]
    7. VSS Unitys Latest Glide Forum For Bransons Spaceflight Optimism Video
      Thu Mar 2 07:52:00 2017
      By the end of this century I hope that hundreds of thousands of people will have had the chance to become astronauts, says Virgin Galactics Richard Branson on Feb. 24, 2017, the date of the latest glide flight of the SpaceShipTwo space plane. [...]
    8. How SpaceXs 2018 Moon Flight Will Work
      Wed Mar 1 01:00:00 2017
      Nearly 45 years after NASA astronauts last embarked on a lunar mission, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has announced his companys plans to send two private citizens on a flight around the moon in 2018. Read on to see what SpaceXs lunar adventure will entail. [...]
    9. As SpaceX Unveils Space Tourist Moon Flight, NASA Reacts
      Tue Feb 28 06:00:00 2017
      SpaceX CEO Elon Musk unveiled an ambitious plan Monday to fly two private space tourists around the moon in 2018. The move drew a commendation from NASA along with a clear reminder that the agency expects SpaceX to meet its other obligations. [...]
    10. Trump May Call for More US Human Spaceflight in Speech Tonight: Report
      Tue Feb 28 03:27:00 2017
      President Donald Trump may make a call for a more robust approach to U.S. human spaceflight during his speech to the Joint Session of Congress tonight, according to a PBS NewsHour report that cites an unnamed senior administration official. [...]

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