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    1. The Youngest Galaxies in the Universe Spin Like the Mature Milky Way
      Mon Jan 22 00:29:00 2018
      Astronomers observed two 13-billion-year-old galaxies spinning in whirlpool motions, which was thought to be characteristic of mature galaxies like ours. [...]
    2. Three Galaxies and a Comet
      Sun Jan 14 06:23:18 2018
      Diffuse starlight and dark nebulae along the southern Milky Way arc over the horizon and sprawl diagonally through this gorgeous nightscape. The breath-taking mosaic spans a wide 100 degrees, with the rugged terrain of the Patagonia, Argentina re[...]
    3. Astronomers detect whirlpool movement in earliest galaxies; swirling gases soon after Big Bang
      Wed Jan 10 12:15:38 2018
      Astronomers have looked back to a time soon after the Big Bang, and have discovered swirling gas in some of the earliest galaxies to have formed in the universe. These newborns -- observed as they appeared nearly 13 billion years ago -- spun like a w[...]
    4. NGC 2623: Merging Galaxies from Hubble
      Wed Jan 10 05:15:17 2018
      Where do stars form when galaxies collide? To help find out, astronomers imaged the nearby galaxy merger NGC 2623 in high resolution with the Hubble Space Telescope. Analysis of this and other Hubble images as well as images of NGC 2623 in infrared l[...]
    5. Black hole research could aid understanding of how small galaxies evolve
      Tue Jan 9 13:19:12 2018
      Scientists have solved a cosmic mystery by finding evidence that supermassive black holes prevent stars forming in some smaller galaxies. [...]
    6. Supermassive black holes control star formation in large galaxies
      Mon Jan 1 13:48:00 2018
      Young galaxies blaze with bright new stars forming at a rapid rate, but star formation eventually shuts down as a galaxy evolves. A new study shows that the mass of the black hole in the center of the galaxy determines how soon this quenching of star[...]
    7. Cosmic Crash: Galaxies Head for Collision in Stunning Hubble Image
      Wed Dec 20 06:25:00 2017
      A stunning new Hubble Space Telescope photo shows "a riot of color and light" emanating from the galaxy NGC 5256, according to the European Southern Observatory. [...]
    8. New Map Shows the Motion of all the Galaxies in Our Supercluster
      Tue Dec 12 14:24:58 2017
      An international team of astronomers has created the largest map of the movements of galaxies within our Supercluster to date. The post New Map Shows the Motion of all the Galaxies in Our Supercluster appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    9. 2 Bizarre Ancient Galaxies Found in a Colossal Sea of Dark Matter
      Thu Dec 7 05:31:00 2017
      Two enormous galaxies seen merging in the distant universe have astronomers rethinking the leading theory of how galaxies form. [...]
    10. ALMA finds massive primordial galaxies swimming in vast ocean of dark matter
      Wed Dec 6 12:20:28 2017
      New observations push back the epoch of massive-galaxy formation even further by identifying two giant galaxies seen when the universe was only 780 million years old, or about 5 percent its current age. [...]

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    1. Hubble Spots Rare Double Einstein Ring

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