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    1. Hubble catches a galaxy duo by the hare
      Fri May 12 12:44:19 2017
      This image shows the unusual galaxy IRAS 06076-2139, found in the constellation Lepus The Hare. [...]
    2. Rise of the Super Telescopes: The Large UV Optical Infrared Surveyor LUVOIR aka Hubble 2.0
      Thu May 11 12:36:00 2017
      NASAs LUVOIR, the Large Ultraviolet, Optical, and Infrared Surveyor, is the future of Super Telescopes. Its 15m mirror will dwarf the Hubble and James Webb. The post Rise of the Super Telescopes: The Large UV Optical Infrared Surveyor LUVOIR a[...]
    3. UGC 1810: Wildly Interacting Galaxy from Hubble
      Wed May 10 05:11:51 2017
      Whats happening to this spiral galaxy? Although details remain uncertain, it surely has to do with an ongoing battle with its smaller galactic neighbor. The featured galaxy is labelled UGC 1810 by itself, but together with its collisional partner is [...]
    4. Hubble Uses Super Vision on Galaxy Cluster - STScI Astronomer Explains Video
      Fri May 5 09:00:00 2017
      Space Telescope Science Institute astronomer Dr. Dan Coe talks to Space.coms Hanneke Weitering about imagery recently captured of galaxy cluster Abell 370 by the Hubble Space Telescope. [...]
    5. Paging Star-Lord! Hubble Spies Hundreds of Galaxies That Need Guarding
      Fri May 5 06:00:00 2017
      As Star-Lord and his team head to the big screen this weekend to guard a galaxy in the Marvel universe, new images from the Hubble Space Telescope remind us that there are far more galaxies in our own universe without any superheroes to protect them.[...]
    6. Faint Features from Far Away Galaxy Cluster Resolved by Hubble Video
      Thu May 4 10:29:00 2017
      Never before seen features of Abell 370 have been revealed with new observations by the Hubble Space Telescope. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center producer Katrina Jackson explains. [...]
    7. Hubbles bright shining lizard star
      Fri Apr 28 10:35:42 2017
      The bright object seen in this Hubble image is a single and little-studied star named TYC 3203-450-1, located in the constellation of Lacerta The Lizard. The star is much closer than the much more distant galaxy. [...]
    8. PACMan Tool Could Help Figure Out Hubbles Observations
      Wed Apr 26 03:39:00 2017
      The scientists who choose where to point Hubbles telescope are turning to computer automation to help them sift through proposals, more than 1,000 each year. [...]
    9. Hubbles cosmic bubbles
      Fri Apr 21 10:32:54 2017
      Hubble has revealed a few of the tenuous threads comprising Sh2-308, a faint and wispy shell of gas located 5,200 light-years away in Canis Major. [...]
    10. Celestial Photos: Hubble Space Telescopes Latest Cosmic Views
      Fri Apr 21 09:45:00 2017
      See amazing photos from the Hubble Space Telescope, NASAs iconic observatory in space. [...]

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