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    1. Hubble Mission Commander, Spacewalker to Enter Astronaut Hall of Fame
      Fri Jan 19 11:37:00 2018
      Scott Altman, commander of the final space shuttle mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope, and spacewalker Thomas Jones, who helped install the U.S. laboratory on the International Space Station, will enter the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame in A[...]
    2. Enormous El Gordo Galaxy Cluster Captured in Hubble Image
      Fri Jan 19 06:18:00 2018
      An incredible photo from the Hubble Space Telescope showcases an enormous galaxy cluster that weighs in at a whopping 3 million billion suns. [...]
    3. Hubble weighs in on mass of 3 million billion suns
      Tue Jan 16 13:42:49 2018
      In 2014, astronomers found an enormous galaxy cluster contains the mass of a staggering three million billion suns -- so its little wonder that it has earned the nickname of "El Gordo" "the Fat One" in Spanish! Known officially as ACT-CLJ0102-4915,[...]
    4. Mini-Hubble will scan dim stars to see if they can support life
      Thu Jan 11 09:38:00 2018
      It doesnt take hugely expensive space telescopes like the Hubble and future James Webb Space Telescope to hunt for habitable exoplanets . NASA and the University of Arizona will a href="https:campus.asu.educontentasu-astronomers-bu[...]
    5. NGC 2623: Merging Galaxies from Hubble
      Wed Jan 10 05:15:17 2018
      Where do stars form when galaxies collide? To help find out, astronomers imaged the nearby galaxy merger NGC 2623 in high resolution with the Hubble Space Telescope. Analysis of this and other Hubble images as well as images of NGC 2623 in infrared l[...]
    6. Bright Planetary Nebula NGC 7027 from Hubble
      Tue Jan 9 08:47:50 2018
      It is one of the brightest planetary nebulae on the sky -- what should it be named? First discovered in 1878, nebula NGC 7027 can be seen toward the constellation of the Swan Cygnus with a standard backyard telescope. Partly because it appears ther[...]
    7. Cosmic Crash: Galaxies Head for Collision in Stunning Hubble Image
      Wed Dec 20 06:25:00 2017
      A stunning new Hubble Space Telescope photo shows "a riot of color and light" emanating from the galaxy NGC 5256, according to the European Southern Observatory. [...]
    8. Are Little Blue Dots in the Hubble Frontier Fields Precursors to Globular Clusters?
      Fri Dec 15 11:46:04 2017
      Using data from the Hubble Frontier Fields program, a team of astronomers has produced a study that indicates how globular clusters could be the remnants of dwarf galaxies from the early Universe. The post Are Little Blue Dots in the Hubble Front[...]
    9. Hubble Space Telescope: Pictures, Facts & History
      Thu Dec 14 09:40:00 2017
      Since launch in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope HST has provided amazing images that have led to discoveries. Explore Hubbles history and facts. [...]
    10. Dreaming of a White Cosmos: Hubble Spots Star Blizzard
      Wed Dec 13 06:31:00 2017
      A seasonally appropriate blizzard of stars fills this Hubble view of a cluster located 41,000 light-years from Earth. The image captures 150,000 glittering stars. [...]

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