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    1. Why Comets Are Like Deep Fried Ice Cream
      Fri Apr 28 11:28:10 2017
      Origins of crunchy crusts on comets explained in new laboratory research. [...]
    2. Send Your DNA to Space and Back via New Service
      Fri Apr 28 06:29:00 2017
      Celestis, the same company that lets people send their loved ones cremated remains to space, unveiled a new service that will launch samples of DNA off the planet. [...]
    3. Alien Planet with Earths Mass Discovered ... But Its an Iceball
      Thu Apr 27 06:30:00 2017
      A newfound alien world is quite Earth-like in some ways, but you wouldnt want to live there. [...]
    4. Iceball Planet Discovered Through Microlensing
      Wed Apr 26 16:40:36 2017
      Scientists have discovered a new planet with the mass of Earth, orbiting its star at the same distance that we orbit our sun. The planet is likely far too cold to be habitable for life as we know it, however, because its star is so faint. But the dis[...]
    5. NASA Awards Goddard Logistics, Technical Information Services Contract
      Mon Apr 24 15:00:00 2017
      NASA has awarded the Goddard Logistics and Technical Information II GLTI II Services Contract to TRAX International Corporation of Las Vegas.[...]
    6. Joint mission to Europa could seek life under the ice
      Mon Apr 24 13:10:00 2017
      Space agencies have just been presented with a bold plan to search for aliens on Jupiters icy moon through a joint American-European mission[...]
    7. Antarcticas Growing Ice Shelf Crack Monitored From Space Video
      Mon Apr 24 07:35:00 2017
      ESAs Sentinel-1 satellite has been capturing radar data of the massive crack in the Larsen-C ice shelf. When it calves, it will create one of the largest icebergs ever recorded, according to the European Space Agency. [...]
    8. Landslides on Ceres Reflect Ice Content
      Thu Apr 20 02:59:49 2017
      As NASAs Dawn spacecraft continues exploring Ceres, evidence mounts that the enigmatic dwarf planet retains a significant amount of water ice. A new study in the journal Nature Geoscience adds to this picture, showing how ice may have shaped the vari[...]
    9. Space Webcasts: NASA Service Honors John Glenn at Arlington National Cemetery
      Thu Apr 6 10:00:00 2017
      NASA aired a memorial service today for the late astronaut pioneer John Glenn, who died in December, to mark his internment into Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia. [...]
    10. NASA to Air Service Honoring Astronaut John Glenn Today
      Thu Apr 6 06:46:00 2017
      John Glenn, who was Americas first astronaut to orbit the Earth, will be interred at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia today April 6 and you can follow the service honoring the space pioneer, courtesy of NASA. [...]

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