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    1. Why Comets Are Like Deep Fried Ice Cream
      Sat May 27 03:50:21 2017
      Origins of crunchy crusts on comets explained in new laboratory research. [...]
    2. Mouse Sperm Went to Space and Produced Healthy Mice
      Thu May 25 23:46:01 2017
      A team of Japanese researchers were able to fertilize mice embryos and produce a healthy litter of mice using frozen sperm that spent nine months in space. The post Mouse Sperm Went to Space and Produced Healthy Mice appeared first on Universe [...]
    3. Saturn Solstice: Cassini Gets Ringside Seat to Dramatic Seasonal Changes
      Thu May 25 04:00:00 2017
      The Cassini spacecraft at Saturn watched over the ringed planets solstice Wednesday May 24, accomplishing the main goal of its second extended mission. [...]
    4. Neutron Stars - What are They? How will NICER Study Them? Video
      Wed May 24 09:50:00 2017
      When a star roughly 20 to 30 times the mass of our Sun explodes it leaves behind a neutron star. Learn more about it and how NASAs Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer NICER will study them. [...]
    5. NASA NICER Mission - Neutrons Stars and GPS for the Galaxy Teaser Trailer
      Wed May 24 09:33:00 2017
      The Neutron star Interior Composition Explorer NICER provide high-precision measurements of neutron stars according the NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center. Its secondary mission is to test technology that will use pulsars as navigation beacons. [...]
    6. Unplanned Spacewalk Given Green Light to Replace Failed Device Video
      Mon May 22 08:59:00 2017
      NASA Astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fisher will replace the multiplexerdemultiplexer, or MDM on May 23, 2017. [...]
    7. Freeze-Dried Space Sperm Gives Rise to Healthy Baby Mice
      Mon May 22 02:01:00 2017
      Mouse sperm preserved on the International Space Station for nine months gave rise to healthy pups, a new study finds, suggesting that people could one day reproduce safely in space. [...]
    8. NASAs IceBridge Mission Ends Its Best Year Ever
      Fri May 19 01:26:00 2017
      The 2017 spring campaign was "the most ambitious" data-collection mission over Greenland yet. [...]
    9. NASA Selects Facilities Operations, Maintenance Support Services Contractor
      Thu May 18 15:00:00 2017
      NASA has selected URS Federal Services Inc. of Germantown, Maryland, to provide facilities operations and maintenance support services at the agencys Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.[...]
    10. Europa Lander Could Carry a Microphone and Listen to the Ice to Find Out Whats Underneath
      Thu May 11 14:39:00 2017
      A research team from Arizona State University is developing a seismometer that could be mounted a lander mission to Europa to listen to its interior The post Europa Lander Could Carry a Microphone and Listen to the Ice to Find Out W[...]

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