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    1. Rosetta Lander Captured BeforeAfter Bounce
      Sun Jul 23 18:43:13 2017
      The descent of its comet lander Philae was captured by the Rosetta spacecrafts main camera as the lander approached - and then rebounded off - the comets surface. [...]
    2. Rosettas Comet Lander Landed Three Times
      Sun Jul 23 11:22:11 2017
      The Rosetta missions Philae comet lander bounced off the surface twice before coming to rest on the surface. Many of its science instruments have already sent back data. [...]
    3. J Marks the Spot for Rosettas Lander
      Sat Jul 22 11:55:43 2017
      The European Space Agencys Rosetta mission has chosen the primary and backup cometary landing sites for its November landing attempt. [...]
    4. Rosettas Lander Philae Wakes From Comet Nap
      Fri Jul 21 15:56:28 2017
      Rosettas Philae lander wakes up from hibernation on comet 67PChuryumov-Gerasimenko. [...]
    5. Rosetta to Deploy Lander on November 12
      Fri Jul 21 13:25:31 2017
      The European Space Agencys Rosetta mission will deploy its lander, Philae, to the surface of comet 67PChuryumov-Gerasimenko on Nov. 12. [...]
    6. Elon Musk seems to have ditched Red Dragon lander plan for Mars
      Thu Jul 20 12:50:00 2017
      SpaceX will design a new spacecraft for a mission to the Red Planet, but Musks focus may be closer to home as he tweets Hyperloop plans[...]
    7. Robotic landers could start mining the moon as early as 2020
      Thu Jul 13 12:00:00 2017
      Moon Express has just unveiled plans for three lunar expeditions. The firm aims to mine moon rocks to sell on Earth, and vague laws mean it probably can[...]
    8. European Mars Lander Crashed Due to Data Glitch, ESA Concludes
      Sat May 27 06:00:00 2017
      The reason Europes Schiaparelli Mars lander failed to touch down safely last fall is that conflicting data confused the crafts onboard computer, according to a newly completed crash investigation. [...]
    9. Doomed Mars lander wasnt equipped for supersonic conditions
      Wed May 24 12:50:00 2017
      Last October, the European Space Agency ESA lost contact with the ExoMars Schiaparelli lander as it descended to Mars surface. A few days later, the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter snapped a picture of Schiaparellis landing site and disc[...]
    10. Start Thinking About Possible Europa Lander Instruments, NASA Tells Scientists
      Fri May 19 06:45:00 2017
      Its time for scientists to start thinking about the instruments theyd like to put on a potential life-hunting lander mission to Jupiters ocean-harboring moon Europa, NASA officials said. [...]

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