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    1. SpaceX Delays Next Iridium Launch Two Months
      Mon Feb 20 08:38:00 2017
      Iridium Communications says SpaceX has pushed back the launch of its second batch of next-generation satellites from mid-April to mid-June, a move that shifts the expected completion date for Iridium Next to the middle of 2018. [...]
    2. Watch Live Today: SpaceX Dragon Launching NASA Cargo 9:38 am ET
      Sun Feb 19 11:01:00 2017
      SpaceX will launch a Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule filled with NASA cargo on Sunday at 9:38 a.m. EST 1438 GMT. You can watch it live here. [...]
    3. SpaceX to Make 2nd Launch Attempt from Historic NASA Pad Today: Watch Live
      Sun Feb 19 11:01:00 2017
      SpaceX will try again to launch its robotic Dragon cargo capsule toward the International Space Station Sunday Feb. 19 at 9:38:59 a.m. EST 1438:59 GMT, and you can watch the liftoff live. [...]
    4. Webcast Replays: SpaceX Launches NASA Cargo from Pad 39A
      Sun Feb 19 11:00:00 2017
      SpaceX successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule filled with NASA cargo toward the space station, and will host a post-launch press conference with NASA today at 11:30 a.m. EST 1630 GMT. Watch it live below, courtesy of NASA TV. [...]
    5. SpaceX Launches 1st Private Rocket from Historic NASA Pad Then Sticks a Landing
      Sun Feb 19 09:33:00 2017
      SpaceXs Falcon 9 rocket blasted the robotic Dragon cargo capsule toward the International Space Station today Feb. 19 from Launch Complex 39A the same pad that once hosted Apollo moon mission and space shuttle launches. [...]
    6. SpaceX successfully blasts off from NASAs famous launch pad
      Sun Feb 19 09:15:00 2017
      After a last-moment delay, SpaceX has put NASAs legendary Launch Complex 39A back into action . The company successfully launched a Falcon 9 rocket from the historic pad best known for the Apollo 11 mission Sunday morning, and topped it o[...]
    7. Touchdown! SpaceX 1st Stage Lands After Launch From Apollo-Era Pad Video
      Sun Feb 19 08:58:00 2017
      The Falcon 9 first stage landed on SpaceXs landing zone 1 after launching the SpaceX-10 cargo spacecraft to the Intenational Space Station. The rocket lifted off from launch complex 39A, the same launch pad used for Apollo and Space Shuttle missions[...]
    8. Another Perfect LaunchLanding For SpaceX
      Sun Feb 19 08:57:29 2017
      SpaceX launched the CRS-10 mission on time this morning at 9:39 am ET from historic LC39A. The Dragon is in orbit and heading toward the ISS while the Falcon 9s first stage made yet another pinpoint anding back at its landing site in Flori[...]
    9. Blastoff! SpaceX Launches From Historic Launch Pad 39A Video
      Sun Feb 19 08:52:00 2017
      The SpaceX-10 cargo mission to the International Space Station launched from launch complex 39A LC-39A on February 19, 2017. [...]
    10. Watch Todays Historic SpaceX Rocket Launch and First-Stage Landing Updated
      Sun Feb 19 08:00:00 2017
      Update 21917 4:40 p.m. : Elon Musk posted a gorgeous little video of the landing to his Instagram this afternoon. Read more... [...]

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