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    1. Phoning E.T.: Message Sent to Nearby Planet That Could Host Life
      Thu Nov 16 05:01:00 2017
      If there are any intelligent aliens in the GJ 273 system, they can expect to hear from us about a dozen years from now. [...]
    2. Weve just found a nearby exoplanet that could be right for life
      Wed Nov 15 10:08:00 2017
      A newly discovered nearby world is probably close in size and temperature to Earth. This exoplanet might be able to host life because of its unusually calm star[...]
    3. In Earths Backyard: Newfound Alien Planet May Be Good Bet for Life
      Wed Nov 15 05:53:00 2017
      Another potentially habitable planet has been found in Earths neck of the cosmic woods, and it may be an even better life-hosting candidate than the famed Proxima b. [...]
    4. Cygnus Races To Station as Crew Studies Life Science and Space Crops
      Mon Nov 13 16:22:07 2017
      The Cygnus resupply ship from Orbital ATK is less than 24 hours away from a rendezvous and capture at the International Space Station. Meanwhile, the Expedition 53 crew members are conducting human research and exploring growing crops in space. Cy[...]
    5. Should we seed life through the cosmos using laser-driven ships?
      Mon Nov 13 10:58:00 2017
      Our galaxy may have billions of habitable worlds. A proposal to spread life says we should use giant lasers and light sails to send microbes out to them[...]
    6. Privately Funded Team May Launch Life-Hunting Mission to Saturn Moon Enceladus
      Mon Nov 13 05:45:00 2017
      A privately funded team may beat NASA to the punch when it comes to looking for life on the Saturn moon Enceladus. [...]
    7. Chemists May Have Found the Missing Link to the First Life on Earth
      Mon Nov 13 01:56:00 2017
      The search for the ancient chemical origins of life has a new candidate a multitasking enzyme that may have set the evolutionary ball rolling. [...]
    8. Life on Mars can Survive for Millions of Years Even Right Near the Surface
      Fri Nov 10 12:05:54 2017
      A new study conducted by a team of Russian scientists has found that microorganisms on Mars can survive the tough conditions, even near the surface. The post Life on Mars can Survive for Millions of Years Even Right Near the Surface appeared fir[...]
    9. A Brown Dwarf Prevented a Regular Star from Going Through its Full Life Cycle
      Wed Nov 8 22:22:43 2017
      A team of Brazilian astronomers recently made an unexpected discovery, a binary system consisting of a low mass-white dwarf with a brown dwarf companion. The post A Brown Dwarf Prevented a Regular Star from Going Through its Full Life Cycle appe[...]
    10. Enceladuss hot, gritty core may cook up ingredients for life
      Mon Nov 6 10:00:00 2017
      Saturns moon Enceladus seems to have a sandy core that warms water passing between the grains. This heating could help create conditions that are right for life[...]

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