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    1. In the Search for Alien Life, Everyone Is an Astrobiologist
      Mon Jan 22 06:00:00 2018
      Mary Voytek, NASAs senior scientist for astrobiology, must grapple with the interdisciplinary nature of the search for life elsewhere in the universe. [...]
    2. Life Goes On Aboard ISS During The Shutdown
      Sat Jan 20 12:54:25 2018
      Don&39;t worry about the crew aboard the International Space Station during the U.S. government shutdown They are managing to find productive things to do up there. https:t.co4PhwkyK7DE — NASA Watch NASAWatch January[...]
    3. Researchers Develop a New Low CostLow Weight Method of Searching for Life on Mars
      Fri Jan 19 18:03:58 2018
      Researchers at McGill University are developing what they call the Life Detection Platform, a compact, robotic, energy-efficient system for detecting life on other worlds. The post Researchers Develop a New Low CostLow Weight Method of Searchin[...]
    4. Deadly solar flares may have helped seed life on Mars and beyond
      Fri Jan 19 09:43:00 2018
      High-energy particles that can strip away planetary atmospheres and cause biological damage might also forge the complex organic molecules that give rise to life[...]
    5. Mini-Hubble will scan dim stars to see if they can support life
      Thu Jan 11 09:38:00 2018
      It doesnt take hugely expensive space telescopes like the Hubble and future James Webb Space Telescope to hunt for habitable exoplanets . NASA and the University of Arizona will a href="https:campus.asu.educontentasu-astronomers-bu[...]
    6. Station Crew Prepping Dragon for Departure While Studying Life Science
      Tue Jan 9 18:07:02 2018
      Robotics controllers are getting ready to uninstall the SpaceX Dragon cargo craft from the International Space Station on Friday before releasing it for a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean Saturday. The Expedition 54 crew today is also continuing to st[...]
    7. Those Weird Tubes on Mars Probably Arent Signs of Life
      Mon Jan 8 10:30:00 2018
      The odd tubular structures that NASAs Mars rover Curiosity has been investigating lately were probably formed by crystal growth, not tiny burrowing creatures, mission team members said. [...]
    8. ExoMars Rover Will Drill Deep Into Mars to Search for Life Op-Ed
      Sun Jan 7 07:30:00 2018
      Finding past or present microbial life on Mars would without doubt be one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time. And in just two years time, theres a big opportunity to do so, with two rovers launching there to look for signs of life. [...]
    9. Tides and atmospheres on TRAPPIST-1 planets may help life thrive
      Wed Jan 3 14:57:00 2018
      The planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system could be complex worlds with volcanoes, atmospheres and warm subsurface oceans. Some might even be able to host life[...]
    10. International Station Crew Researching Life Science Ahead of New Year
      Thu Dec 28 15:53:24 2017
      After a Russian cargo ship departed the International Space Station Thursday, the Expedition 54 crew is wrapping up the final work week of 2017 orbiting Earth and conducting science. The six astronauts and cosmonauts will go into the last weekend of [...]

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