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    1. New Animation Takes a Colorful Flight Over Ceres
      Sun Nov 19 17:05:34 2017
      A colorful new animation shows a simulated flight over the surface of dwarf planet Ceres, based on images from NASAs Dawn spacecraft. [...]
    2. How a Speck of Light Becomes an Asteroid
      Sun Nov 19 10:02:06 2017
      June 30 is International Asteroid Day. Have you ever wondered how asteroids are discovered? Heres the story. [...]
    3. Gravitational-Wave Detector Catches Lightest Black Hole Smashup Yet
      Fri Nov 17 11:50:00 2017
      The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory LIGO has detected yet another black hole merger their fifth since 2015, and involving some of the lightest black holes the instrument has ever detected. [...]
    4. Review: Justice League Brings Some Light Into DC Extended Universe
      Fri Nov 17 02:06:00 2017
      "Stay to the end-end. And DC Extended Universe: Its up to you where you want to go." [...]
    5. NASAs Next-Generation Spaceplane Passes Free Flight Test
      Tue Nov 14 17:46:49 2017
      NASAs next-generation spaceplane - the Dream Chaser - recently passed a flight test, which consisted of a glide test and automated landing. The post NASAs Next-Generation Spaceplane Passes Free Flight Test appeared first on Universe Toda[...]
    6. Zwicky Transient Facility sees first light
      Tue Nov 14 14:55:28 2017
      A new robotic camera that can capture hundreds of thousands of stars and galaxies in a single shot has taken its first image -- an event astronomers refer to as first light. The camera is the centerpiece of a new automated sky survey called the Zwick[...]
    7. We found our galactic twin 180 million light years away
      Tue Nov 14 13:14:00 2017
      Astronomers have spotted a trio of galaxies that look remarkably like the giant spiral of the Milky Way and its two brightest companions, the Magellanic Clouds[...]
    8. Zwicky Transient Facility First Light
      Tue Nov 14 10:14:00 2017
      A gallery if images from the Zwicky Transient Facilitys ZTF first view of the universe, and its ultra-wide-field camera, based at the Palomar Observatory. [...]
    9. Dream Chaser: Sierra Nevadas Design for Spaceflight
      Tue Nov 14 00:26:00 2017
      The winged ships heritage dates back to Soviet and NASA concepts from the 1980s. [...]
    10. Dream Chaser Completes A Free Flight Test
      Mon Nov 13 15:54:58 2017
      Dream Chaser Completes Free Flight Test "Completion of Dream Chasers free flight test on Nov. 11, 2017, was a major milestone under a space act agreement with NASAs Commercial Crew Program. NASA selected Sierra Nevada Corp., along [...]

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