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    1. New Animation Takes a Colorful Flight Over Ceres
      Tue Jan 23 09:29:58 2018
      A colorful new animation shows a simulated flight over the surface of dwarf planet Ceres, based on images from NASAs Dawn spacecraft. [...]
    2. Twilight Haze Shines Over Saturns Big Moon Titan in Gorgeous Cassini Photo
      Tue Jan 23 06:41:00 2018
      A stunning new view of Saturns largest moon Titan captures beautiful layers of blue-yellow haze dancing through the moons atmosphere. [...]
    3. Marshall Space Flight Center: Test Site for NASAs Rockets
      Mon Jan 22 07:43:00 2018
      Marshall Space Flight Center plays a significant role in the American space program, from developing the rockets that carried the first U.S. astronaut into space to working on the system that could one day carry astronauts to Mars. [...]
    4. Apollo 5 in Photos: NASAs First Lunar Module Test Flight
      Mon Jan 22 04:37:00 2018
      NASAs Apollo 5 mission launched on Jan. 22, 1968 and marked the first test flight of the Lunar Module that would eventually carry astronauts to the moon. See photos from the historic mission here! [...]
    5. How a Speck of Light Becomes an Asteroid
      Sun Jan 21 08:12:54 2018
      June 30 is International Asteroid Day. Have you ever wondered how asteroids are discovered? Heres the story. [...]
    6. Rocket Lab Launches 2nd Test Flight of Electron Small-Satellite Booster
      Sat Jan 20 07:45:00 2018
      An Electron rocket built by the commercial startup Rocket Lab successfully took off today Jan. 20 from New Zealand, carrying the companys first customer payloads. [...]
    7. ULA Successfully Launches SBIRS GEO Flight 4 Mission for the U.S. Air Force
      Sat Jan 20 03:56:23 2018
      Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla. A United Launch Alliance ULA Atlas V rocket carrying the Space Based Infrared System SBIRS GEO Flight 4 mission lifted off from Space Launch Complex-41 on Jan. 19 at 7:48 p.m. EST. SBIRS is considered one [...]
    8. New National Defense Strategy to Shed Light on Pentagons Thinking About War in Space
      Fri Jan 19 06:15:00 2018
      How the military views outer space and cyberspace as battlefronts in future wars are likely topics in the administrations new national defense strategy. [...]
    9. See inside the universe in this stunning light sculpture
      Thu Jan 18 11:03:00 2018
      The complexity of our universe from the atomic scale to the cosmic is on display in Cosmoscope, part of Londons Lumiere light festival[...]
    10. Astronaut Set to be First African American on Space Station Crew Removed from Flight
      Thu Jan 18 08:36:00 2018
      A NASA astronaut who was slated to be the first African American to serve as a member of a crew on the International Space Station has been removed from her upcoming flight. Jeanette Epps had been set to launch to the space station for a five-month e[...]

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