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    1. An Astronomical Detective Tale and the Moon of 2007 OR10
      Wed Jun 21 12:35:59 2017
      It isnt every day we get a new moon added to the list of solar system satellites. The combined observational power of three observatoriesKepler, Herschel and Hubbleled an astronomical detective tale to its climatic conclusion: distant Kuiper Belt [...]
    2. Europa Clipper: Sailing to Jupiters Icy Moon
      Wed Jun 21 10:27:00 2017
      NASAs Europa Clipper mission would fly by the icy moon of Jupiter to investigate whether the satellite possesses the ingredients necessary for life. [...]
    3. Asteroid Will Safely Pass Closer Than Moon Wednesday
      Wed Jun 21 03:13:44 2017
      As happens about 20 times a year with current detection capabilities, a known asteroid will safely pass Earth Wednesday closer than the distance from Earth to the moon. [...]
    4. An Opportunity for Reflection: Mars Crater Offers Reminder of Apollo Moonwalk
      Mon Jun 19 09:57:00 2017
      Two craters on two different worlds that were visited by two NASA missions have now been linked to mark the 45 years between the two explorations. [...]
    5. Moon and Venus
      Mon Jun 19 00:00:00 2017
      One of the loveliest events in the night sky is a close alignment of the Moon and the planet Venus. And just such an alignment takes place the next couple of days before and during dawn. Venus, the brilliant morning star, stands to the left of th[...]
    6. Dark Summer Seas: Sunlight Floods Saturn Moon Titans North Photo
      Fri Jun 16 05:00:00 2017
      Summer has arrived in the huge Saturn moon Titans northern hemisphere, giving NASAs Cassini probe a great look at the regions famous hydrocarbon seas. [...]
    7. Manhattan Moonrise
      Fri Jun 16 03:11:14 2017
      A Full Moon rose as the Sun set on June 9, known to some as a Strawberry Moon. Close to the horizon and taking on the warm color of reflected sunlight filtered through a dense and dusty atmosphere, the fully illuminated lunar disk poses with the skys[...]
    8. Sweet! Rare Strawberry Minimoon Makes for Stunning Photos
      Thu Jun 15 06:00:00 2017
      It may not be sweet, but it sure is mini! A rare Strawberry "Minimoon" gave night-sky photographers a treat last week. [...]
    9. Apollo 8 Author Jeffrey Kluger Looks Back at Thrilling First Moon Mission
      Wed Jun 14 05:49:00 2017
      Jeffrey Kluger was a kid living in Baltimore when he watched NASAs Apollo 8 mission to the moon on the color TV in his mothers room. Even at 14 years old though, he knew something had changed. Fifty years later, he looks back in his new book, "Apollo[...]
    10. Electric-Powered Lunar Space Tug Could Facilitate Future Moon Missions
      Wed Jun 14 01:21:00 2017
      To make moon flights cheaper, a new paper proposes that NASA use an electrically powered lunar space tug that would operate between Earth and the moon. [...]

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