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    1. Asteroid Will Safely Pass Closer Than Moon Wednesday
      Wed Mar 29 05:14:39 2017
      As happens about 20 times a year with current detection capabilities, a known asteroid will safely pass Earth Wednesday closer than the distance from Earth to the moon. [...]
    2. Life Outside Our Solar System Might Exist on Exomoons
      Wed Mar 29 05:11:00 2017
      The discovery of an exomoon could be years away, but researchers are already theorizing the conditions under which liquid water might be found on their surfaces. [...]
    3. Moon, Mars, and Mercury
      Wed Mar 29 00:00:00 2017
      The Moon is a beautiful crescent this evening. To the lower right of the Moon, look for the planet Mercury, which looks like a bright star. And look farther above the Moon for Mars, which looks like a modest orange star. [...]
    4. Visit the Moon Temple: Artist Jorge Maes Rubios Lunar Vision in Images
      Tue Mar 28 06:00:00 2017
      European Space Agency ESA artist-in-residence Jorge Maes Rubiohas drawn up plans for a "moon temple" that would help meet the social, spiritual and psychological needs of lunar settlers. [...]
    5. Moon Temple: Art Project Probes Spiritual, Cultural Needs of Lunar Colony
      Tue Mar 28 06:00:00 2017
      European Space Agency artist-in-residence Jorge Maes Rubiohas drawn up plans for a "moon temple" that would help meet the social, spiritual and psychological needs of lunar settlers. [...]
    6. Far Side Astronomy: Orbiting Telescope Would Use Moon as Shield
      Mon Mar 27 05:35:00 2017
      Out of darkness, there came the blazing light of the very first stars and galaxies in the universe and the best place to look back at them might be the far side of the moon. [...]
    7. Planet Again? Pluto, Most Moons Count Under Proposed Definition
      Sat Mar 25 05:30:00 2017
      A group of planetary scientists is making the case for a new definition of a planet; this one would include Pluto and most moons. Heres why these researchers think the new definition is better. [...]
    8. Enigmatic plumes from Saturns moon caused by cosmic collision
      Fri Mar 24 11:43:00 2017
      Saturns icy moon spews water and heat into space, but only from its south pole. A new model suggests thats because it suffered a hit-and-run long ago[...]
    9. Trust Me, Living on the Moon Will Be Hell
      Fri Mar 24 09:20:00 2017
      Humans not you, youll be dead are going to have to live somewhere other than Earth eventually. There might be some options for new homes on Mars , the planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, or even one of the planets in the T[...]
    10. White House to Look at How Best to Protect Apollo Moon Landing Sites
      Tue Mar 21 11:53:00 2017
      The White House will look at what is needed to protect and preserve the six Apollo moon landing sites almost half a century after the first astronauts walked on the lunar surface, as called for by legislation signed into law by President Donald Trump[...]

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