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    1. Exoplanet Discovery by an Amateur Astronomer Shows the Power of Citizen Science
      Sun Apr 16 07:18:00 2017
      You dont need to be a professional astronomer to find new worlds orbiting distant stars. Darwin mechanic and amateur astronomer Andrew Grey this week helped to discover a new exoplanet system with at least four orbiting planets. [...]
    2. Dynamo At Moons Heart Once Powered Magnetic Field Equal To Earths
      Sat Apr 15 18:51:03 2017
      A new study produced by the ARES division provides an explanation for how the Moon was able to generate its own magnetic field. The post Dynamo At Moons Heart Once Powered Magnetic Field Equal To Earths appeared first on Universe [...]
    3. Powerful Black Hole Found Within Unconventional Galaxy Merger
      Thu Apr 13 06:00:00 2017
      An incredibly powerful supermassive black hole has been found at the center of a tiny galaxy that is merging with another larger galaxy, a new study shows. [...]
    4. Solar Blast! Sun Surprises with 3 Powerful Flares Video
      Tue Apr 4 00:01:00 2017
      The solar flares began on Sunday April 2, when the sun fired off a moderate, M5.3-class solar flare. That was followed by aA stronger, M5.7 solar flare later followed later that same day. Then, today April 3, the sun erupted with an M5.8 flare. [...]
    5. Sunspot Gets Active With Several Powerful Flares Video
      Mon Apr 3 01:34:00 2017
      Active Region 2644 AR2644 erupted with 4 m-class solar flares from April 1-3, 2017. NASAs Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the fireworks. [...]
    6. Nighttime Delta IV Blastoff Powers Military Comsat to Orbit for U.S. Allies: PhotoVideo Gallery
      Fri Mar 24 22:52:28 2017
      CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, FL - The second round of March Launch Madness continued with the thunderous nighttime blastoff of a ULA Delta IV rocket powering a super swift military communications satellite to orbit in a collaborative effort of[...]
    7. Atacama Deserts Amazing Night Skies Are A Powerful Draw Video
      Wed Mar 22 10:39:00 2017
      Astronomers from all over the world flock to the high-altitude desert of Chile and its bevy of telescopes to study the Universe. Learn more about the region. [...]
    8. Delta IV Delivers Daunting Display Powering International Military WGS-9 SatCom to Orbit
      Sun Mar 19 12:06:03 2017
      CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, FL - On the 70th anniversary year commemorating the United States Air Force, a ULA Delta IV rocket put on a daunting display of nighttime rocket fire power shortly after sunset Saturday, March 19 - powering a high s[...]
    9. 360-Degree Video of NASAs Powerful Rocket Blast Will Make Your Astronaut Dreams Come True
      Tue Mar 14 13:03:00 2017
      Before actually using them on what will be the worlds most powerful rocket, NASA has been thoroughly testing its new RS-25 engines. With 512,000 pounds of thrust, however, the best way to experience all of that power is through this 360-degree v[...]
    10. Could fast radio bursts really be powering alien space ships?
      Fri Mar 10 11:42:00 2017
      Two researchers have suggested that mysterious bursts of energy could propel alien spaceships around the universe if such alien travellers happen to exist[...]

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