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    1. SpaceX Drops Plans for Powered Dragon Landings
      Thu Jul 20 11:36:00 2017
      SpaceX no longer plans to have the next version of its Dragon spacecraft be capable of powered landings, a move that has implications for the companys long-term Mars plans. [...]
    2. Titans conditions could be just right to power US-sized colony
      Mon Jul 10 10:15:00 2017
      Saturns largest moon may be able to provide enough wind, solar or tidal power to make human life there a possibility if we can build the tech to exploit it[...]
    3. Suns gravity could power interstellar video streaming
      Wed Jul 5 11:00:00 2017
      Space transmissions could slingshot around the sun for a signal boost, producing data rates fast enough to stream video from interstellar space[...]
    4. Chinas Powerful Long March 5 Rocket Fails on 2nd Launch
      Sun Jul 2 07:46:00 2017
      The second launch of Chinas most powerful rocket, the Long March 5, ended in failure July 2, the second incident involving a Chinese launch vehicle in as many weeks. [...]
    5. Hubble eyes a powerful galaxy with a password name
      Fri Jun 30 09:48:03 2017
      Not all galaxies have the luxury of possessing a simple moniker or quirky nickname. This impressive galaxy imaged by the NASAESA Hubble Space Telescope is one of the unlucky ones, and goes by a name that looks more like a password for a computer: 2X[...]
    6. NASA to Test Fission Power for Future Mars Colony
      Thu Jun 29 02:56:00 2017
      NASA engineers are working on a nuclear fission system called Kilopower that would power a human colony on Mars. [...]
    7. Electric-Powered Lunar Space Tug Could Facilitate Future Moon Missions
      Wed Jun 14 01:21:00 2017
      To make moon flights cheaper, a new paper proposes that NASA use an electrically powered lunar space tug that would operate between Earth and the moon. [...]
    8. SES Says It Could Build the Worlds Most Powerful Satellite, but Wont
      Sun Jun 11 06:43:00 2017
      Global fleet operator SES says it could join the race to build the worlds highest-throughput satellites if it wanted to, but doesnt believe such spacecraft will be effective at serving customers. [...]
    9. California Prepares for Solar Power Loss During the Great Eclipse
      Thu Jun 8 00:24:00 2017
      A total solar eclipse that will sweep across the United States on Aug. 21 is expected to make a noticeable dent in solar-energy collection, prompting energy workers to concoct workarounds that will help them meet energy demands. [...]
    10. In Photos: Indias Most Powerful Rocket Launches on Debut Flight
      Tue Jun 6 04:06:00 2017
      On June 5, 2017, India launched its most powerful rocket yet: the GSLV Mark III. See photos from the landmark launch and the massive GSAT-19 Indian communications satellite it sent to space here. [...]

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