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    1. Electric-Powered Lunar Space Tug Could Facilitate Future Moon Missions
      Wed Jun 14 01:21:00 2017
      To make moon flights cheaper, a new paper proposes that NASA use an electrically powered lunar space tug that would operate between Earth and the moon. [...]
    2. SES Says It Could Build the Worlds Most Powerful Satellite, but Wont
      Sun Jun 11 06:43:00 2017
      Global fleet operator SES says it could join the race to build the worlds highest-throughput satellites if it wanted to, but doesnt believe such spacecraft will be effective at serving customers. [...]
    3. California Prepares for Solar Power Loss During the Great Eclipse
      Thu Jun 8 00:24:00 2017
      A total solar eclipse that will sweep across the United States on Aug. 21 is expected to make a noticeable dent in solar-energy collection, prompting energy workers to concoct workarounds that will help them meet energy demands. [...]
    4. In Photos: Indias Most Powerful Rocket Launches on Debut Flight
      Tue Jun 6 04:06:00 2017
      On June 5, 2017, India launched its most powerful rocket yet: the GSLV Mark III. See photos from the landmark launch and the massive GSAT-19 Indian communications satellite it sent to space here. [...]
    5. India Just Launched Its Heaviest & Most Powerful Rocket Yet
      Mon Jun 5 03:50:00 2017
      The Indian Space Research Organization ISRO launched its most powerful and heaviest rocket yet on Monday June 5, sending a communications satellite into orbit in a successful debut flight. [...]
    6. Worlds Most Powerful X-Ray Laser Creates Molecular Black Hole
      Fri Jun 2 08:54:00 2017
      The worlds most powerful X-ray laser has just created a molecular "black hole" a molecule with such a strong positive charge that it sucks in electrons from neighboring atoms. [...]
    7. How Far Away is Fusion? Unlocking the Power of the Sun
      Sat May 27 15:32:56 2017
      The Sun uses its enormous mass to crush hydrogen into fusion, releasing enormous energy. How long will it be until weve got this energy source for Earth? The post How Far Away is Fusion? Unlocking the Power of the Sun appeared first on Univers[...]
    8. Radio Power
      Wed May 24 00:00:00 2017
      A project known as Breakthrough Starshot hopes someday to use a powerful beam of energy to propel a tiny probe to another star. A recent study says that other civilizations might already be doing that, but on a much larger scale and that we might[...]
    9. Powerful NASA SLS Rocket Engine Test-Fired in Mississippi Video
      Tue May 23 05:17:00 2017
      The RS-25 rocket engine had a 500-second test on the A-1 Test Stand at NASAs Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, according to space agency. [...]
    10. Exoplanet Discovery by an Amateur Astronomer Shows the Power of Citizen Science
      Sun Apr 16 07:18:00 2017
      You dont need to be a professional astronomer to find new worlds orbiting distant stars. Darwin mechanic and amateur astronomer Andrew Grey this week helped to discover a new exoplanet system with at least four orbiting planets. [...]

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