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    1. Asteroid Named for Nobel Prize Winner Joins Historic Lineup
      Sat Jan 20 04:58:48 2018
      An asteroid discovered by NASAs NEOWISE spacecraft has a new designation: 316201 Malala, to honor Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan, who received the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize. [...]
    2. There May Not Be a Google Lunar X Prize Winner but Winners Have Already Emerged
      Tue Dec 19 13:33:28 2017
      TheGoogle Lunar X Prize has a final hard date of March 31, 2018. If none of the finalists have completed their mission to the moon by that date then no one will win. Even so, its clear now that the spirit of the competition has been met. Th[...]
    3. Google Lunar X Prize Teams Make Last-Ditch Fundraising Appeals
      Tue Dec 5 08:57:00 2017
      With less than four months remaining in the competition, two of the remaining teams in the Google Lunar X Prize are seeking to raise tens of millions of dollars to complete their spacecraft. [...]
    4. WMAP Team Wins 3 Million Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics
      Mon Dec 4 06:00:00 2017
      A team of researchers who helped shape our understanding of the origin, evolution and nature of the cosmos is now 3 million richer. [...]
    5. NASA Launches New Phase of 3D Habitat Challenge with 2 Million Prize
      Thu Nov 30 10:15:00 2017
      Registration is open for Phase 3 of NASAs 3D Printed Habitat Challenge, which searches for ways to create shelters for astronauts on locations such as the moon and Mars. [...]
    6. LIGO Scientists who Detected Gravitational Waves Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics
      Wed Oct 4 16:52:44 2017
      For their immeasurable contributions to the discovery of gravitational waves, Caltech professors Kip S. Thorne and Barry C. Barish, and MIT professor emeritus Rainer Weiss, were awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics. The post LIGO Scientists wh[...]
    7. Nobel Prize Win Helps Launch New Era of Gravitational Astronomy
      Wed Oct 4 11:00:00 2017
      The Nobel Prize is just the beginning for the new field of gravitational astronomy. [...]
    8. Thrilled and Humbled: 2017 Physics Nobel Prize Winners Share Their Reactions
      Wed Oct 4 01:50:00 2017
      Three scientists revealed humorous and touching reactions to discovering that they had received the 2017 Nobel Prize in physics. [...]
    9. Nobel Prize Awarded for Sensational Gravitational Waves Discovery
      Tue Oct 3 08:10:00 2017
      Three scientists who were integral in detecting these so-called gravitational waves for the first time were awarded this years Nobel Prize in physics this morning Oct. 3. [...]
    10. Gravitational Waves Discovery Wins Nobel Prize! Scientists Celebrate on Twitter
      Tue Oct 3 03:49:00 2017
      Congratulations and celebrations abound as Nobel Prize in physics is awarded to the three scientists who first detected gravitational waves. [...]

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