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    1. SpaceX Launches 1st Private Rocket from Historic NASA Pad Then Sticks a Landing
      Sun Feb 19 09:33:00 2017
      SpaceXs Falcon 9 rocket blasted the robotic Dragon cargo capsule toward the International Space Station today Feb. 19 from Launch Complex 39A the same pad that once hosted Apollo moon mission and space shuttle launches. [...]
    2. Watch Todays Historic SpaceX Rocket Launch and First-Stage Landing Updated
      Sun Feb 19 08:00:00 2017
      Update 21917 4:40 p.m. : Elon Musk posted a gorgeous little video of the landing to his Instagram this afternoon. Read more... [...]
    3. SpaceX, NASA Hail 1st Falcon 9 Rocket Launch from Pad Steeped in History
      Sun Feb 19 03:10:00 2017
      SpaceXs historic launch from NASAs Launch Complex 39A was a success, and so the post-launch press conference was short and full of smiling faces. [...]
    4. How to Watch Todays Historic SpaceX Rocket Launch UPDATED
      Sat Feb 18 08:50:00 2017
      Update 10:12 a.m. EST : Mission Control observed an issue with the second stage thrust vector control system and has scrubbed todays launch attempt. There will be updates at noon and for now, the mission has been rescheduled for 9:38 a.m. EST tom[...]
    5. SpaceX Plans to Launch Cargo Mission Saturday Despite Rocket Leak
      Fri Feb 17 06:13:00 2017
      All systems are "go" for tomorrows Feb. 18 planned launch of SpaceXs Dragon cargo capsule toward the International Space Station, even though a small leak was spotted in the rocket that will blast the freighter skyward. [...]
    6. SpaceX Investigating Small Leak in Rocket Scheduled for Saturday Launch
      Fri Feb 17 03:35:00 2017
      SpaceX CEO Elon Musk says his company is investigating a "very small leak" on the upper stage of a Falcon 9 rocket scheduled to launch Saturday Feb. 18 to deliver NASA cargo to the International Space Station. [...]
    7. Is Trump Going To A Rocket Launch?
      Thu Feb 16 12:20:38 2017
      Reader note from Kevin "I noticed a Temporary Flight Restriction TFR over Melbourne that looks identical to the TFRs over Palm Beach International the last two weekends for Trumps stays at Mar-a-Lago. The Melbourne TFR matches the Sp[...]
    8. Kepler Communications Will Launch its First Satellite This November on an Indian Rocket
      Thu Feb 16 09:03:25 2017
      Kepler Communications announced today it has selectedInnovative Space Logistics B.V. ISL, part of the Innovative Solutions in Space ISIS group of the Netherlands, as their launch contractor, and that their first satellite will launch on an Indi[...]
    9. Electron Rocket Arrives Launch Pad In New Zealand Video
      Thu Feb 16 08:35:00 2017
      The Rocket Labs produced vehicle is designed to carry smaller payloads 330 to 500 lbs into orbit. It is being prepped for test launches. [...]
    10. Lawmakers Call for 1st NASA SLS Rocket to be Named for Last Man on Moon
      Thu Feb 16 01:43:00 2017
      U.S. lawmakers have authored legislation to christen NASAs first Space Launch System SLS heavy-lift rocket the "Cernan 1" for the late Eugene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon. If passed into law, Cernans name could fly with a crew back to t[...]

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