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    1. The Canadian Space Agency Issues RFP for Space Astronomy LiteBIRD Satellite Mission
      Wed Jul 19 11:04:08 2017
      The Canadian Space Agency has issued a request for proposals RFP for aMission Contribution Study for the Japanese led LiteBIRD satellite as part of its ongoing effort to support the space astronomy communities decadal plan of 2010, since revised [...]
    2. Today in Space! July 18, 1980: India Launches Its 1st Satellite
      Tue Jul 18 06:27:00 2017
      Find out what happened on July 18, 1980, when India launched its first satellite into orbit. [...]
    3. Clean Room Tour with NASAs Next Gen Tracking Data Relay Satellite TDRS-M, Closeout Incident Under Review Photos
      Mon Jul 17 15:14:30 2017
      ASTROTECH SPACE OPERATIONSKENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - The last of NASAs next generation Tracking and Data Relay Satellites TRDS designed to relay critical science data and research observations gathered by the International Space Station ISS, H[...]
    4. Russian Soyuz Rocket Launches 73 Satellites Into Orbit
      Sun Jul 16 08:08:00 2017
      A Soyuz rocket successfully launched 73 satellites, including spacecraft for four companies cubesat constellations, July 14. [...]
    5. Orbital Loses Bid to Stop DARPA Satellite-Servicing Project
      Fri Jul 14 02:33:00 2017
      Spaceflight provider Orbital ATK lost a bid to stop DARPA from partnering with a competing company to demonstrate in-space satellite-servicing technology. [...]
    6. Vector Space Systems Small Rockets, Small Satellites and Possibly a Big Payday
      Thu Jul 13 12:50:03 2017
      In 2016 Jim Cantrell and group of veteran space professionals started Vector Space Systems. Their goal? Nothing less than than building a small satellite launch company capable of launching upwards of 100 small satellites a year from at least three [...]
    7. How Satellites Watched Birth of a Giant Iceberg in Antarctica Photos
      Thu Jul 13 06:11:00 2017
      A colossal chunk of ice broke away from Antarctica this month, giving birth to one of the largest icebergs in world history. [...]
    8. Satellite Images Show a Trillion Ton Iceberg Broke Off Antarctica
      Wed Jul 12 15:56:16 2017
      For several months, scientists have been keeping an eye on a piece of Antarcticas Larsen C ice shelf, waiting for the inevitable. And now it has happened. Sometime between July 10 and July 12, 2017 a trillion ton iceberg split off, changing the ou[...]
    9. Today in Space! July 12, 1989: Giant Satellite Olympus-1 Launches
      Wed Jul 12 07:00:00 2017
      Find out what happened on July 12, 1989, when the colossal communications satellite named Olympus-1 launched into space. [...]
    10. Satellite Canada Looking to Launch Space Innovation Supercluster
      Mon Jul 10 09:20:26 2017
      When the Liberal government announced theInnovation Superclusters Initiative ISI with up to 950 million in funds available through 2022, the space community immediately took notice and began scouring the program guide for details. From the get g[...]

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