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    1. Rocket Lab Launches 2nd Test Flight of Electron Small-Satellite Booster
      Sat Jan 20 07:45:00 2018
      An Electron rocket built by the commercial startup Rocket Lab successfully took off today Jan. 20 from New Zealand, carrying the companys first customer payloads. [...]
    2. Watch Japans Epsilon Rocket Launch the ASNARO-2 Radar Earth Satellite
      Fri Jan 19 08:57:00 2018
      A Japanese Epsilon rocket launched a new Earth-observation satellite into space this week, notching a third successful flight for the solid-fueled booster. [...]
    3. In Photos: Indias PSLV rocket Launches Cartosat-2 Satellite & 30 More!
      Fri Jan 19 08:55:00 2018
      On Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018, the Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle successfully launched 31 satellites, making a comeback from a launch failure in August 2017. See photos from the Cartosat-2 satellite mission here! [...]
    4. Atlas V Rocket Launches New Missile-Warning Satellite for US Air Force
      Fri Jan 19 07:00:00 2018
      The U.S. Air Force has a new missile-tracking sentinel in orbit with the successful launch Friday Jan. 19 of the Space Based Infrared System GEO Flight 4 early-warning satellite. See how it launched. [...]
    5. In a First, China Launches Canadian Satellite for Kepler Communications
      Fri Jan 19 04:26:21 2018
      For the first time a Canadian satellite has been launched by China. Kepler Communications, a Toronto based startup, had its first satellite launched today as secondary payload on a Long March 11 rocket.Canadian satellites have previously flown on A[...]
    6. US Air Forces New Missile-Warning Satellite Launching Tonight: Watch It Live
      Thu Jan 18 11:15:00 2018
      The U.S. Air Forces newest early-warning satellite for missile defense will launch into space from Florida tonight Jan. 18 and you can watch the action live online. [...]
    7. Satellite Images Capture Rare Snowfall in the Sahara Desert
      Thu Jan 18 06:24:00 2018
      Satellite photos show parts of Africas Sahara Desert blanketed in snow following a rare winter storm that occurred on Jan. 7, 2018. [...]
    8. Asteroid Mining is Getting Closer to Reality. Planetary Resources Arkyd-6 Satellite Just Launched
      Wed Jan 17 12:52:26 2018
      With the deployment of the Arkyd-6 spacecraft, Planetary Resources just took a major step towards making asteroid mining a reality The post Asteroid Mining is Getting Closer to Reality. Planetary Resources Arkyd-6 Satellite Just Launched appeare[...]
    9. New U.S. Missile-Warning Satellite Set for Launch at Cape Canaveral
      Tue Jan 16 03:00:00 2018
      SBIRS is the United States main source of persistent, space-based surveillance of missile launches around the globe. [...]
    10. China Launches Earth-Observing Satellite on Long March 2D Rocket
      Sun Jan 14 07:13:00 2018
      A Long March 2D rocket launched a new Earth-mapping satellite for China Saturday Jan. 12. [...]

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