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    1. Connecting us all: How satellites remade the world
      Sat Feb 18 04:00:00 2017
      From cold wars to hot junk, a new book about satellites shows how thousands of satellites extend humans reach in every possible way[...]
    2. NASA Satellite Spots Mile-Long Iceberg Breaking Off of Antarctic Glacier
      Fri Feb 17 10:25:00 2017
      Aftershocks from a major iceberg break caused Antarctic glacier to shed another. [...]
    3. Kepler Communications Will Launch its First Satellite This November on an Indian Rocket
      Thu Feb 16 09:03:25 2017
      Kepler Communications announced today it has selectedInnovative Space Logistics B.V. ISL, part of the Innovative Solutions in Space ISIS group of the Netherlands, as their launch contractor, and that their first satellite will launch on an Indi[...]
    4. This Company Is Poised to Generate Satellite Images of the Entire Earth Every Day
      Thu Feb 16 04:46:00 2017
      After five years, a California company called Planet has more than 100 satellites in orbit, allowing it to begin selling and providing images of the entire Earth every day. [...]
    5. Turn satellites into sparkling fireworks to burn up space junk
      Thu Feb 16 04:32:00 2017
      Satellite debris that falls to Earth could be deadly, but pellets made of a heat-generating mixture could help them burn up safely in the atmosphere[...]
    6. Small-Satellite Rocket Nears 1st Test Launch from New Zealand
      Thu Feb 16 01:20:00 2017
      Rocket Lab, a private company aiming to become a leading launch provider for small satellites, delivered its first test rocket to the companys private launch facility this week. The organization plans to make its first launch in the coming months. [...]
    7. PSLV-C37 Successfully Launches 104 Satellites in a Single Flight
      Wed Feb 15 16:51:25 2017
      In its thirty ninth flight PSLV-C37, ISROs Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle successfully launched the 714 kg Cartosat-2 Series Satellite along with 103 co-passenger satellites today morning February 15, 2017 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre SHAR, Sr[...]
    8. India Sets Record With 104 Satellites In Single Launch
      Wed Feb 15 15:29:27 2017
      With the successful launch of 104 satellites, the Indian National Space Organization has set a new record for the number of satellites deployed in a single mission. The post India Sets Record With 104 Satellites In Single Launch appeared first o[...]
    9. Short Cuts: 104 Satellites Launched, Satellite Servicing, Drone EO, Student Conference and More
      Wed Feb 15 13:23:05 2017
      In this weeks Short Cuts we talk about the emerging satellite servicing business at MDA, they hope, Planet Labs sees growth opportunities in Canada and has 88 satellites launched, the Canadian Space Agency awards drone contracts fro earth observatio[...]
    10. India sets record launching 104 satellites aboard a single rocket
      Wed Feb 15 12:57:00 2017
      The Indian Space Research Organisation, Indias version of NASA, set a record on Valentines Day when one of its PSLV rockets successfully launched 104 satellites into orbit . Riding onboard were 88 "Dove" mini-satellites from Planet, a US-ba[...]

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