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    1. Developing an Icon: Former Space Shuttle Engineer Details Program in New Tome
      Tue Mar 7 09:55:00 2017
      The history of NASAs space shuttle can be a weighty topic literally. The three-volume "Space Shuttle: Developing an Icon, 1972-2013" tips the scale at 18 pounds. [...]
    2. Lego Has a New Space Shuttle and It Looks Awesome
      Sun Feb 19 06:35:00 2017
      Lego has a new space shuttle set for 2017 and it promises to be one any space fan can enjoy. [...]
    3. In Photos: NASAs Historic Launch Pad 39A, from Apollo to Shuttle to SpaceX
      Fri Feb 17 10:44:00 2017
      Launchpad 39A at NASAs Kennedy Space Center in Florida sent the first astronauts to the moon, supported dozens of space shuttle missions, and now serves as a commercial launch site. Here are some of the most extraordinary photos from Pad 39A. [...]
    4. Space Shuttle Crewmates Ochoa and Foale to Enter Astronaut Hall of Fame
      Tue Feb 14 10:13:00 2017
      The first Hispanic woman to fly in space, Ellen Ochoa, and a physicist who turned to the stars to survive a collision in orbit, Michael Foale, will be inducted in the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame in May. [...]
    5. Tornado Destroys First NASA Space Shuttle External Tank to Stand on Launch Pad
      Wed Feb 8 09:43:00 2017
      The first space shuttle external tank to stand on a launch pad was destroyed by a tornado that hit the New Orleans facility where it was built 40 years ago. [...]
    6. Bat Space Shuttle! Lego Batman Movie Clip Reveals Sleek Spacecraft Video
      Tue Feb 7 03:23:00 2017
      Take a tour of all Lego Batmans toys in the Batcave. The animated film premieres on Feb. 10, 2017. [...]
    7. Soccer Ball Recovered From Ill-Fated Shuttle Challenger Flown to Space Station
      Mon Feb 6 03:30:00 2017
      A soccer ball that was on the ill-fated launch of space shuttle Challenger has made it into orbit 30 years later, thanks to the connection between one of the fallen astronauts and the current commander aboard the International Space Station. [...]
    8. SpaceX Delays First Flight From NASA Shuttle Launch Pad
      Mon Jan 30 08:45:00 2017
      Elon Musks rocket company has bumped a commercial satellite mission until after a scheduled mid-February cargo run to the International Space Station. [...]
    9. NASA may rely on Russian shuttles for ISS missions until 2019
      Wed Jan 18 09:39:00 2017
      NASA is considering buying seats aboard the Soyuz spacecraft for 2019, according to a solicitation it filed recently. The agency originally wanted to end its dependence on Russias Soyuz spacecraft this year, but SpaceX and Boeing arent qui[...]
    10. Space Shuttle Endeavour Exhibit Gains Flight-Worthy Solid Rocket Boosters
      Tue Jan 10 10:00:00 2017
      The space shuttle Endeavour display at the California Science Center is getting a "boost" in the form of two towering flight-worthy add-ons. Orbital ATK and NASA are donating a set of solid rocket boosters for the exhibit of the retired winged orbite[...]

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