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    1. Space Camp Lands NASA Shuttle Training Aircraft on Display
      Fri Jul 14 10:23:00 2017
      A historic NASA aircraft that astronauts flew to learn how to land from orbit is now on display at the home of U.S. Space Camp, in the shadow of a winged orbiter like the type it emulated in flight. NASA 945 was one of just four Shuttle Training Airc[...]
    2. Today in Space! July 8, 2011: Space Shuttle Atlantis Launches on Final Mission
      Sat Jul 8 07:11:00 2017
      Find out what happened on July 8, 2011, when the space shuttle Atlantis launched on its final mission. [...]
    3. How Quickly We Forgot Those Space Shuttle Things
      Mon Jul 3 13:11:28 2017
      SpaceX Dragons second splashdown is a historic first , CNET "Until now, no single craft has visited the ISS and returned to Earth more than once. In fact, all other non-SpaceX vehicles that visit the space station are designed to bu[...]
    4. Soviet-Era Buran Space Shuttle Shipping to Former Olympic Site for Display
      Wed Jun 28 10:33:00 2017
      A full-size mockup of a Soviet Buran space shuttle is departing Moscow for an exhibition center opening at the site of the 2014 Winter Olympics. [...]
    5. The Aerospike Engine Was Considered for the Shuttle, But Never Flew. Thats About to Change
      Mon Jun 19 13:34:02 2017
      This summer, New Mexico-based aerospace company will be testing the aerospike engine, a concept which almost became part of the Space Shuttle The post The Aerospike Engine Was Considered for the Shuttle, But Never Flew. Thats About to Chan[...]
    6. An Imaginative Aerospace Engineer Turned This Classic Lego Space Shuttle Into a Flying Toy
      Mon Jun 12 08:15:00 2017
      As a follow-up to turning the classic Lego Solo Trainer set into a fully-functional RC plane , aerospace engineer Adam Woodworth is back with an even more impressive build: he somehow made this tiny 27-year-old Lego Space Shuttle actually fly .[...]
    7. KSC DirectorShuttle Commander Robert Cabana Talks NASA 2018 Budget- Stay on the path with SLS, Orion, Commercial Crew: One-on-One Interview
      Tue May 30 21:33:12 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER VISITOR COMPLEX, FL - Following up last weeks announcement of NASAs proposed Fiscal Year 2018 top line budget of 19.1 Billion by the Trump Administration, Universe Today spoke to NASA s Kennedy Space Center KSC Director [...]
    8. Space Shuttle Crewmates Foale and Ochoa Enter Astronaut Hall of Fame
      Mon May 22 10:11:00 2017
      Nearly 25 years after they lifted off together, Michael Foale and Ellen Ochoa entered the Astronaut Hall of Fame as inductees. Ochoa and Foale made up the 16th class of shuttle astronauts to be inducted, bringing the total to 95. [...]
    9. Newly Declassified Document About Spy Satellites on the Space Shuttle Leaves the Sexy Bits To Your Imagination
      Fri May 12 06:30:00 2017
      Whats the first thing you think about when you think of NASAs space shuttle program? Sally Ride? Spinning in microgravity? The Challenger explosion? That episode of the Simpsons ? You might not think about the US military and intelligence commun[...]
    10. Watch the X-37B Space Plane Land Near a Space Shuttle Model
      Mon May 8 03:00:00 2017
      Two generations of reusable space planes came face to face or nose to tail, rather over the weekend. [...]

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