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    1. Original Space Shuttle commander John Young dies
      Sat Jan 6 15:31:00 2018
      Spaceflight just lost one of its better-known icons: NASA astronaut John Young has died at the age of 87. He was best known as the commander of the first Space Shuttle mission, taking Columbia into orbit in 1981. However, that was just o[...]
    2. John Young in Photos: Astronaut, Moonwalker and Space Shuttle Pioneer
      Sat Jan 6 00:51:00 2018
      Astronaut John Young, a veteran of six space missions, died Jan. 5, 2018 due to complications with pneumonia. See his storied career, which took Young to the moon and back, then on NASA shuttles, in photos here. [...]
    3. Astronaut John Young, Who Walked on the Moon and Led 1st Shuttle Mission, Dies at 87
      Sat Jan 6 00:07:00 2018
      John Young, NASAs longest-serving astronaut, who walked on the moon and flew on the first Gemini and space shuttle missions, has died. He was 87. [...]
    4. Space Shuttle: The First Reusable Spacecraft
      Mon Dec 11 09:15:00 2017
      Americas space shuttles were NASAs orbital workhorses. [...]
    5. Endeavour: NASAs Youngest Shuttle
      Mon Dec 11 04:34:00 2017
      Endeavour was the final addition to NASAs space shuttle fleet. [...]
    6. Discovery: NASAs Busiest Shuttle
      Mon Dec 11 04:32:00 2017
      The space shuttle Discovery flew 39 times into space, more than any spacecraft. [...]
    7. Atlantis: Last Space Shuttle Launch
      Thu Nov 30 05:41:00 2017
      The space shuttle Atlantis was the unsung workhorse of the shuttle fleet. [...]
    8. Columbia: First Shuttle in Space
      Thu Nov 30 04:56:00 2017
      Columbia was the first space shuttle to reach orbit, in 1981. It flew 28 times before disaster struck in 2003. [...]
    9. Crowdfunded Photo Book Focuses on First Fleet of NASA Space Shuttles
      Tue Nov 28 09:56:00 2017
      A photographers never-seen images of NASAs space shuttles are set for publication. "First Fleet," a collection of John Chakeres orbiter photos from 1981 to 1986, will be released by Daylight Books in 2018, pending a Kickstarter campaigns results. [...]
    10. Cyber Monday Deal: Lego Creator Space Shuttle Explorer
      Sat Nov 25 04:34:00 2017
      Houston, we have a new Lego space shuttle sale! The Lego Creator Space Shuttle Explorer building set is 20 off on this Cyber Monday selling for 23.99 down from 29.99, its lowest price so far. [...]

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