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    1. NEOWISE: A Yearlong Look at the Sky
      Fri May 26 20:47:36 2017
      A NASA spacecraft using infrared imaging discovered 40 near-Earth objects in one year and observed many others, including a comet that has become this months brightest. [...]
    2. The Cosmic Scales: Spot Libra Constellation in the Night Sky
      Fri May 26 09:42:00 2017
      Heres the story behind the zodiac constellation Libra, the Scales, and how to spot it in the night sky. [...]
    3. Comet Pan-STARRS Marches Across the Sky
      Thu May 25 15:25:43 2017
      Comet Pan-STARRS poses with a spiral galaxy in new snapshots from NASAs NEOWISE mission. [...]
    4. Space Calendar 2017: Launches, Sky Events & More
      Mon May 22 09:15:00 2017
      Heres a guide to the major astronomical events of the next year, as well as space launches and milestones for spacecrafts already in travel. [...]
    5. Martian Sky Went Metal After Meteor Strikes
      Mon May 22 02:06:00 2017
      Metal detected in the sky of Mars may come from meteors streaking through the Red Planet atmosphere, a new study finds. [...]
    6. A Zodiacal Sky over Horseshoe Bend
      Mon May 22 00:23:41 2017
      Whats causing the unusual ray of white light extending upward from the central horizon? Dust orbiting the Sun. At certain times of the year, a band of sun-reflecting dust from the inner Solar System rises prominently before sunrise and is called zodi[...]
    7. Skywatcher Beams at the Starry Night Sky in Stunning Cosmic Selfie
      Sat May 20 06:45:00 2017
      A skywatcher is literally beaming at the night sky in this star-speckled portrait. Astrophotographer Ruslan Merzlyakov captured this cosmic selfie while stargazing on the beach in Stenbjerg, Denmark in January. [...]
    8. Alien: Covenant Cast Calls Space Colonization a Risky Necessity
      Fri May 19 06:38:00 2017
      With their ominous, gory visions of extraterrestrials, the "Alien" movies could cause some viewers to fear space exploration. But the latest movies cast and production team think any possible danger is a necessary risk to prepare for the possibility [...]
    9. Sky Test
      Fri May 19 00:00:00 2017
      Its time for a little test. This isnt a test of your knowledge of the universe, though, but of your ability to see it through the glow of outdoor lighting. To take the test, first find the Big Dipper. Its high in the north as night falls right[...]
    10. Risky Business: At Mars Conference, Experts Discuss Threats to Space Travelers
      Sat May 13 07:00:00 2017
      Space will never be a risk-free environment. But as a group of experts noted at the Human to Mars Summit yesterday May 9, there are ways to reduce the risk involved in deep-space missions. [...]

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