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    1. NASA Briefing to Discuss First Spacecraft Arrival at a Dwarf Planet
      Sun Jul 23 22:58:47 2017
      JPL will host a briefing Monday, March 2, about the March 6 arrival of NASAs Dawn spacecraft at the dwarf planet Ceres. The event will be carried live on NASA TV and online. [...]
    2. Rosetta Spacecraft Approaching Twofold Comet
      Sun Jul 23 21:47:59 2017
      Comet 67PChuryumov-Gerasimenko, destination of the European Space Agencys Rosetta mission, reveals a two-part shape. [...]
    3. The Most Amazing Space Stories of the Week!
      Sun Jul 23 09:30:00 2017
      Juno captures images of Jupiters Great Red Spot, a massive iceberg breaks off Antarctica, more evidence emerges for Planet Nine and extremophiles outlive humans in Space.coms top stories for the week. [...]
    4. Spitzer Space Telescope May Be Up For Grabs
      Sun Jul 23 09:05:01 2017
      NASA might turn over management of the Spitzer Space Telescope, one of the Great Observatories, to private operator. https:t.cotCXmQyJHjf pic.twitter.comp8aMdrzwgB — Spaceflight Now SpaceflightNow July 22, 2017 [...]
    5. European Spacecraft Set to Harpoon a Comet Today
      Sun Jul 23 08:23:09 2017
      European Space Agencys Rosetta mission will attempt to land on a comet today, Nov. 12. [...]
    6. Today in Space! July 23, 1999: Chandra X-Ray Observatory Deployed in Space
      Sun Jul 23 08:00:00 2017
      Find out what happened on July 23, 1999, when the space shuttle Columbia launched into orbit and deployed the Chandra X-ray Observatory. [...]
    7. Kids Can Prep for Total Solar Eclipse with Space Racers Website
      Sun Jul 23 07:46:00 2017
      The coast-to-coast total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 will be memorable for children and adults alike, and a new website will help kids get interested in the big event and view it safely. [...]
    8. Southern Lights Dazzle in Spectacular Time-Lapse Video from Space Video
      Sun Jul 23 07:22:00 2017
      In a new video from NASA, those of us who have never been to space get a glimpse of what an aurora looks like from the International Space Station and it is stunning. [...]
    9. Mars Spacecraft Reveal Comet Flyby Effects on Martian Atmosphere
      Sat Jul 22 22:47:35 2017
      Two NASA and one European spacecraft that obtained the first up-close observations of a comet flyby of Mars on Oct. 19, have gathered new information. [...]
    10. Rosetta Comet Pouring More Water into Space
      Sat Jul 22 20:41:52 2017
      There has been a significant increase in the amount of water "pouring" out of the Rosetta missions comet. [...]

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