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    1. Star Trek: Discovery Shows Logic at Its Prettiest and Ugliest in Episode 6
      Mon Oct 23 10:30:00 2017
      The Vulcans are one of the most beloved races of "Star Trek" because they show us that eternal fight between logic and emotion that each human has. In this episode, we get to see the nasty side of this fight. [...]
    2. NASA Instruments on Rosetta Start Comet Science
      Mon Oct 23 06:45:22 2017
      Three NASA science instruments aboard the European Space Agencys ESA Rosetta spacecraft are beginning observations and sending science data back to Earth. [...]
    3. Sun-Like Star May Have Devoured 15 Alien Planets
      Mon Oct 23 06:37:00 2017
      A distant sun-like star may have devoured a dozen or more of its own Earth-size planets, new research shows. [...]
    4. Dark energy survives neutron star crash test while rivals fail
      Mon Oct 23 06:00:00 2017
      We saw gravitational waves and light at the same moment from a neutron star merger, which means Einstein was right and some alternative theories are dead[...]
    5. Star Trek: Discovery Renewed for Season 2
      Mon Oct 23 03:16:00 2017
      "Star Trek: Discovery" will be back for a second season next year, CBS All Access announced today Oct. 23. [...]
    6. Stardust Discovers Potential Interstellar Space Particles
      Sun Oct 22 19:25:06 2017
      Seven microscopic dust particles collected during NASAs Stardust mission may be the first samples of contemporary interstellar dust. [...]
    7. Comet Pan-STARRS Marches Across the Sky
      Sun Oct 22 08:23:38 2017
      Comet Pan-STARRS poses with a spiral galaxy in new snapshots from NASAs NEOWISE mission. [...]
    8. Catch a Falling Star: Exploring Meteor Showers with Mobile Apps
      Fri Oct 20 05:40:00 2017
      Autumn brings longer and darker nights for skywatchers, as well as a bonus: an upswing in meteors, the bright and transitory trails of tiny particles that burn up as they plunge into Earths atmosphere at tremendous speed. [...]
    9. Star Trek: Discovery: Voyage into the F-Bomb Frontier Follows a History of TV Cursing
      Fri Oct 20 04:20:00 2017
      While "Star Trek: Discoverys" F-bomb this week is not the first time Trekkies heard swearing in the final frontier, fans were still shocked by the series first appearance of the F-word. [...]
    10. Gravitational waves have let us see huge neutron stars colliding
      Wed Oct 18 12:00:00 2017
      Weve taken the first pictures of neutron stars colliding 130 million light years away. The resulting gravitational waves may solve some big cosmic mysteries[...]

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