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    1. Watch Starmans Entire Deep-Space Ride on Elon Musks Roadster in Just 80 Seconds
      Fri Feb 16 06:00:00 2018
      Feeling some Falcon Heavy withdrawal? You can relive the drama and spectacle of the giant SpaceX rockets maiden launch, thanks to a new video that shows the journey of Elon Musks Tesla and its mannequin driver, "Starman," out to deep space. [...]
    2. Meet the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon! Legos 1st Solo: A Star Wars Story Set
      Fri Feb 16 04:28:00 2018
      Lego will start selling a special "Solo: A Star Wars Story" set this April, about a month before the highly anticipated movies May 25 premiere. [...]
    3. Comet PanSTARRS is near the Edge
      Fri Feb 16 03:17:04 2018
      The comet PanSTARRS, also known as the blue comet C2016 R2, really is near the lower left edge of this stunning, wide field view recorded on January 13. Spanning nearly 20 degrees on the sky, the cosmic landscape is explored by well-exposed and pr[...]
    4. NASAs Stardust Sample Return was 10 Years Ago Today
      Thu Feb 15 11:55:03 2018
      The Stardust capsule carried precious cargo that revolutionized our understanding of comets. [...]
    5. Stargate Origins Brings Classic Sci-Fi Back Tonight
      Thu Feb 15 11:10:00 2018
      The "Stargate" prequel series "Stargate Origins" has begun; the first three episodes are now live, and additional episodes are set to release at least once per week. [...]
    6. Suns and daughters: The family tree that may unite all the stars
      Wed Feb 14 06:30:00 2018
      The chemical make-up of stars tells us a lot about their explosive family history. Unlocking those secrets could reveal how the galaxy got its shape[...]
    7. A Valentine Rose: Superhot Stars Glow in the Rosette Nebulas Heart Photo
      Wed Feb 14 05:43:00 2018
      A cluster of superhot stars glows in the core of the Rosette Nebula in this deep-space image by astrophotographer John Chumack. [...]
    8. Spiral Galaxys Arms Hug Baby Stars in Heartwarming Valentines Day Photo
      Wed Feb 14 02:56:00 2018
      Talk about a cosmic Valentine. The Hubble Space Telescope captured a stunning view of the spiral galaxy NGC 3344, showing the birthplace of new stars. [...]
    9. Fake Science Paper About Star Trek and Warp 10 Was Accepted by Predatory Journals
      Tue Feb 13 06:20:00 2018
      In the "Star Trek" universe, the fantastic speed of warp 10 has remained annoyingly out of reach. However, a recent paper in an open-access journal describes an attempt to break that boundary. [...]
    10. Where Should Star Trek: Discovery Boldly Go in Season 2? Weve Got a Few Ideas
      Tue Feb 13 00:59:00 2018
      The new series "Star Trek: Discovery" wrapped up its first season on Feb. 11, bringing viewers down a twisted path that involved an alternate universe and several characters with bizarre pasts. Where can Season 2 go from here? [...]

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