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    1. Small Asteroid to Safely Pass Close to Earth Sunday
      Sun Feb 19 04:40:36 2017
      A house-sized asteroid will safely fly past Earth this Sunday, Sept. 7. The asteroid, 2014 RC, is about 60 feet 20 meters wide. [...]
    2. Black Sun and Inverted Starfield
      Sun Feb 19 04:19:30 2017
      Does this strange dark ball look somehow familiar? If so, that might be because it is our Sun. In the featured image from 2012, a detailed solar view was captured originally in a very specific color of red light, then rendered in black and white, and[...]
    3. Watch Live Sunday: SpaceX Dragon Launching NASA Cargo 9:38 am ET
      Sat Feb 18 07:45:00 2017
      SpaceX will launch a Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule filled with NASA cargo on Sunday at 9:38 a.m. EST 1438 GMT. You can watch it live here. [...]
    4. Far-off asteroid caught cohabiting with Uranus around the sun
      Thu Feb 16 05:45:00 2017
      The second Trojan asteroid of Uranus ever found suggests there could be hundreds more associated with the planet[...]
    5. Distance & Speed Of Suns Orbit Around Galactic Centre Measured
      Tue Feb 14 18:02:58 2017
      Using the initial data released by the Gaia observatory, a team of Canadian astrophysicists have produced refined estimates on the distance between our Sun and the center of the galaxy. The post Distance &038; Speed Of Suns Orbit Around G[...]
    6. Watch the Moon Waltz, Wobble and Eclipse the Sun with Mobile Apps
      Fri Feb 10 02:00:00 2017
      The moon performs a complex dance that makes it shrink and swell in apparent size, wobble to and fro, and nod up and down. [...]
    7. Dark Side of the Sun Doc Examines the Devastating Threat of Solar Storms
      Thu Feb 9 10:07:00 2017
      A new Discovery Channel documentary narrated by music legend Sting examines the extreme threat that solar weather poses to modern society. [...]
    8. NASA Center in New Orleans Closed Through Sunday After Tornado Hit
      Thu Feb 9 04:42:00 2017
      NASAs Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans will remain closed through at least Sunday Feb. 12 as recovery efforts continue after a powerful tornado struck the center this week, agency officials said. [...]
    9. Suns rotation is slowed down by its own photons
      Tue Feb 7 08:37:00 2017
      The suns layers slow the escape of photons of sunlight, and when they finally stream away they return the favour by slowing the rotation of its outer layer[...]
    10. What happened to the sun over 7,000 years ago?
      Tue Feb 7 08:27:20 2017
      By analyzing the level of a carbon isotope in tree rings from a specimen of an ancient bristlecone pine, researchers have revealed that the sun exhibited a unique pattern of activity in 5480 BC. By comparing this event with other similar but more rec[...]

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