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    1. NASAs Quiet Supersonic Plane Could Change Airports Forever
      Fri Feb 16 11:01:00 2018
      NASAs plan to fly a quiet supersonic jet by 2021 could have world-changing consequences for air travel. [...]
    2. Supermassive black hole model predicts characteristic light signals at cusp of collision
      Wed Feb 14 17:19:47 2018
      A new simulation of supermassive black holes -- the behemoths at the centers of galaxies -- uses a realistic scenario to predict the light signals emitted in the surrounding gas before the masses collide, said researchers. [...]
    3. Rotating dusty gaseous donut around an active supermassive black hole
      Wed Feb 14 08:39:17 2018
      High resolution observations show a rotating dusty gas torus around an active supermassive black hole. The existence of such rotating donuts-shape structures was first suggested decades ago, but this is the first time one has been confirmed so clearl[...]
    4. A Valentine Rose: Superhot Stars Glow in the Rosette Nebulas Heart Photo
      Wed Feb 14 05:43:00 2018
      A cluster of superhot stars glows in the core of the Rosette Nebula in this deep-space image by astrophotographer John Chumack. [...]
    5. Experimental Supersonic Plane Gets Full Funding Under Trumps NASA Budget Proposal
      Tue Feb 13 06:21:00 2018
      The Trump administrations fiscal year 2019 budget proposal for NASA includes full funding for an experimental supersonic airplane that could one day transport commercial-airline passengers faster than the speed of sound. [...]
    6. Launch of Superfast Russian Cargo Ship Mission Aborted at Last Minute
      Sun Feb 11 06:59:00 2018
      The launch of a Russian cargo ship bound for the International Space Station was aborted in the final minute Sunday Feb. 11, just as it was poised to fly the fastest resupply mission to the orbiting lab in history. [...]
    7. Rocky or gassy? Massive, dense super-Earth planet detected
      Thu Feb 8 12:17:10 2018
      A star about 100 light years away in the Pisces constellation, GJ 9827, hosts what may be one of the most massive and dense super-Earth planets detected to date, according to new research. This new information provides evidence to help astronomers be[...]
    8. What Is a Supernova?
      Thu Feb 8 08:30:00 2018
      When stars cant handle their nuclear fuel, they explode in a brilliant burst of light. [...]
    9. Super Bowl 2018: Even Astronauts Are Watching the Big Game
      Sun Feb 4 07:23:00 2018
      Its official: Super Bowl LII is truly out of this world. Thats because even astronauts in space are watching the big game. [...]
    10. Superfast Asteroid Zooms Safely By Earth This Super Bowl Sunday
      Sun Feb 4 06:09:00 2018
      A fast-moving asteroid will make a close flyby of Earth this Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 4, but it poses no risk of hitting our planet, according to NASA. [...]

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