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    1. Virgin Galactic Wants to Send People on Superfast Trips Across Earth
      Mon Nov 13 05:50:00 2017
      Virgin Galactic eventually aims to add point-to-point passenger flights to its repertoire, which would dramatically reduce the time needed to get from Boston to Beijing or Sydney to San Francisco, company CEO George Whitesides said. [...]
    2. NASA X-Ray Tech Could Enable Superfast Communication in Deep Space
      Mon Nov 28 11:00:00 2016
      New NASA technology could use X-rays to transmit data at high rates over vast distances in outer space, as well as enable communications with hypersonic vehicles during re-entry, when radio communications are impossible. [...]
    3. Zap! NASA Betting on Space Lasers for Superfast Calls from Mars
      Fri Oct 28 11:00:00 2016
      In NASAs eyes, a record-breaking laser-communications test in 2013 was just the beginning. [...]
    4. Superfast spinning stars cause strangest weather in the universe
      Mon Oct 3 05:54:25 2016
      The biggest, hottest stars spin at an extraordinary rate, which could lead to their planets experiencing rapid-fire seasons each year[...]

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