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    1. Mars Life Could Lurk Within These Salty Streaks
      Tue Feb 21 00:22:00 2017
      So-called "recurring slope lineae" are a tantalizing feature on the slopes of Mars, but how do we go about exploring their potential life-giving qualities without contaminating them with our robots? [...]
    2. NASA: There is No Asteroid Threatening Earth
      Mon Feb 20 00:00:24 2017
      NASA scientists provide real science to debunk wild Internet rumors about an alleged September asteroid impact. [...]
    3. SpaceX Launches 1st Private Rocket from Historic NASA Pad Then Sticks a Landing
      Sun Feb 19 09:33:00 2017
      SpaceXs Falcon 9 rocket blasted the robotic Dragon cargo capsule toward the International Space Station today Feb. 19 from Launch Complex 39A the same pad that once hosted Apollo moon mission and space shuttle launches. [...]
    4. Another Perfect LaunchLanding For SpaceX
      Sun Feb 19 08:57:29 2017
      SpaceX launched the CRS-10 mission on time this morning at 9:39 am ET from historic LC39A. The Dragon is in orbit and heading toward the ISS while the Falcon 9s first stage made yet another pinpoint anding back at its landing site in Flori[...]
    5. Hydrothermal Vents
      Fri Feb 17 00:00:00 2017
      In many ways, we know more about the surface of Mars than about the bottom of Earths oceans. Yet understanding the oceans not only reveals new wonders about our own planet, it may help us learn more about other worlds as well. As an example, con[...]
    6. How Far Theyll Go: Moana Shows the Power of Polynesian Celestial Navigation
      Thu Feb 16 04:40:00 2017
      One of the greatest feats of human migration in history was the colonization of the vast Pacific Ocean by Polynesian peoples. They achieved it thanks to their sophisticated knowledge of positional astronomy and celestial navigation. [...]
    7. Look For Planet 9 and Other Worlds on New Website Trailer
      Wed Feb 15 01:00:00 2017
      Backyard Worlds: Planet 9 is a NASA-funded website that is asking for public assistance in sifting through short movies created from NASAs Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer WISE mission images. [...]
    8. Athena: ESAs Big X-ray Telescope
      Tue Feb 14 07:22:00 2017
      Athena is a planned mission to launch a space observatory that will explore black holes and galactic structure formation. [...]
    9. Did You Miss the Green Comet? Mark Your Calendar for These Upcoming Flybys
      Mon Feb 13 02:40:00 2017
      If you missed out on spotting the green comet that zoomed past Earth over the weekend, dont worry Comet 45P was only the first of three comets to pass near Earth between now and the end of 2018. [...]
    10. Cloud Swirls around Southern Jupiter from Juno
      Mon Feb 13 01:54:15 2017
      Juno just completed its fourth pass near Jupiter. Launched from Earth in 2011 and arriving at Jupiter just last July, robotic Juno concluded its latest elliptical orbit around our Solar Systems largest planet 11 days ago. Pictured here from that pass[...]

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