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    1. Cruise Over Ceres in New Video
      Sun Nov 19 07:13:16 2017
      Striking 3-D detail highlights a towering mountain, the brightest spots and other features on dwarf planet Ceres in a new video from NASAs Dawn mission. [...]
    2. New Video Shows a Creepily Human-Like Robot Doing a Backflip
      Sat Nov 18 05:54:00 2017
      Atlas, a new disaster robot can execute amazing human-like acrobatic feats such as backflips and in-air pirouettes. [...]
    3. Earth Flyby of Space Peanut Captured in New Video
      Fri Nov 17 19:19:17 2017
      New NASA video shows a rotating, two-lobed asteroid that recently flew past Earth. [...]
    4. James Webb Space Telescope Will Perfect Its Own Vision in Orbit Video
      Fri Nov 17 06:32:00 2017
      NASA released a video explaining how it will focus the mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope, currently scheduled to launch in mid-2019. [...]
    5. Birth of the Bug: See How Artists Built the Starship Troopers Alien Warrior Video
      Fri Nov 17 06:28:00 2017
      The visual-effects company Amalgamated Dynamics Inc. ADI has released a nearly 6-minute video showing how its artists and technicians built a "warrior bug" for "Starship Troopers." [...]
    6. Wow! Astronaut Captures Incredible View of Fireball Meteor from Space Video
      Fri Nov 17 06:20:00 2017
      While filming an incredible view of Earth from space, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station ISS inadvertently captured a fireball on camera as it whizzed into the atmosphere off the coast of South Africa, above the Atlantic Ocean. [...]
    7. Slaughterbots Video Depicts a Dystopian Future of Autonomous Killer Drones
      Fri Nov 17 01:34:00 2017
      Produced by an Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking-backed organization, the video appears as members of the UN convene in Geneva to discuss autonomous weapons. [...]
    8. NASA Satellites Watch Earth Breathe in Awesome Time-Lapse Video
      Thu Nov 16 00:43:00 2017
      A cool new time-lapse video of Earth reveals how our planet has changed over the last two decades as NASA satellites continuously monitored the populations of plant life on land and in the oceans. [...]
    9. Studying Exoplanet Atmospheres Challenges Even the Hubble Space Telescope Video
      Wed Nov 15 00:19:00 2017
      Learn about how scientists use the Hubble Space Telescope to study exoplanet atmospheres and about the limitations of these techniques. [...]
    10. Artemis Narrator Rosario Dawson Discusses Andy Weirs Moon Base Adventure Video
      Thu Nov 9 11:47:00 2017
      Actress Rosario Dawson has moved from treating superheroes to an audio treatment of "Artemis," the new book by "The Martian" author Andy Weir. [...]

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