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    1. Cruise Over Ceres in New Video
      Mon Jan 22 14:27:45 2018
      Striking 3-D detail highlights a towering mountain, the brightest spots and other features on dwarf planet Ceres in a new video from NASAs Dawn mission. [...]
    2. Earth Flyby of Space Peanut Captured in New Video
      Sun Jan 21 06:12:17 2018
      New NASA video shows a rotating, two-lobed asteroid that recently flew past Earth. [...]
    3. Video offers peek at ultra-wide Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
      Tue Jan 16 22:36:00 2018
      The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope has been a long time in the making when work on its mirrors started in 2007. Its finally coming together, though. The LSST team has released a brief clip showing progress on the Chilean facility as of [...]
    4. Wild 360-Degree Video Lets You See the Milky Way As a Giant Black Hole Would
      Fri Jan 12 09:56:00 2018
      A new 360-degree simulation that uses data from NASAs Chandra X-Ray Observatory is helping astronomers better understand more than 22 stellar giants found at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. [...]
    5. Zoom Through the Famous Orion Nebula with NASAs Incredible 3D Video
      Fri Jan 12 06:28:00 2018
      Take a tour of one of the most famous star-forming gas clouds in the night sky, the Orion Nebula, with a new 3D visualization. [...]
    6. On This Day In Space! Jan. 3, 2004: Spirit Rover Lands on Mars Video
      Wed Jan 3 06:49:00 2018
      On Jan. 3, 2004, NASAs Spirit rover landed on Mars! Also known as Mars Exploration Rover 2, this was the first of NASAs twin rovers to land on the Red Planet. [...]
    7. Behold! SpaceXs 1st Falcon Heavy Rocket on the Launchpad Photos, Video
      Wed Jan 3 01:37:00 2018
      SpaceX just released a spectacular video of the Falcon Heavy standing at Kennedy Space Centers fabled Pad 39A ahead of its planned liftoff later this month. [...]
    8. On This Day In Space! Jan. 2, 2004: Stardust Encounters Comet Wild 2 Video
      Tue Jan 2 11:49:00 2018
      On Jan. 2, 2004, NASAs Stardust spacecraft flew by comet Wild 2 to collect some comet dust and bring it back to Earth.Take a look back in our video here! [...]
    9. Astronauts Are Gearing Up to Celebrate the New Year in Space Video
      Fri Dec 29 11:20:00 2017
      In a new video from NASA, astronauts on the International Space Station talk about how theyll celebrate New Years Eve. [...]
    10. NASA in 2017: The Space Year in Review in Videos
      Wed Dec 27 09:27:00 2017
      The year 2017 was a big one for NASA. From astronaut Peggy Whitsons record-shattering spaceflight to the daring death-dive of Cassini into Saturn and a pledge to return astronauts to the moon, take a look back at the year that was in these NASA video[...]

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