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    1. Former DAs Photos Capture Space Shuttle Tanks Journey to California
      Wed Dec 21 03:00:00 2016
      One and a half million people turned out four years ago to watch as NASAs space shuttle Endeavour slowly navigated Los Angeles to arrive at the California Science Center for display. Gil Garcetti was not among them, a regret he would not make again. [...]
    2. Holiday Gift Guide Pick - Playmobil Rocket Launch Site and Space Shuttle Video
      Fri Dec 9 05:49:00 2016
      Space.coms Hanneke Weitering give you the details on the the pick. Find out more about it and more gift ideas in Space.coms Best Space Gifts and Toys for Kids. [...]
    3. NASA Loans Lunar Landing Flying Bedstead, Shuttle Transport for Display
      Mon Nov 21 05:30:00 2016
      Two NASA artifacts that were used to assist astronauts landing from space, albeit on two different worlds in two eras, have landed on loan at a museum near where they were last used. An LLRV and a shuttle crew transport are on display at Edwards Air [...]
    4. Classified Shuttle Missions: Secrets in Space
      Wed Oct 26 06:49:00 2016
      A handful of the 135 space shuttle missions were classified, and little is known about these secret missions, even 30 years after the fact. [...]
    5. Space Shuttle Endeavour lifts off on its final journey
      Wed Sep 19 08:08:33 2012
      NASA's youngest shuttle departed Kennedy Space Center at sunrise Wednesday on the first leg of its flight to California. It's bolted to the top of a jumbo jet. CAPE CANAVERAL,[...]
    6. Space shuttle Endeavours flight is now set for Wednesday updated
      Tue Sep 18 10:31:46 2012
      NASA now says it will be Wednesday before the shuttle takes off for its new home in California. Maybe Space workers check out space shuttle Endeavour after it landed at the Kennedy [...]
    7. Space shuttle Endeavour will fly low over South on way to Los Angeles
      Mon Sep 10 15:49:44 2012
      Missing from the itinerary, however, is a fly-over of Huntsville, Alabama, home of the team that managed the shuttles' engines, solid rocket boosters and external tanks. View f[...]
    8. Set Phasers to Smash: Shuttle Enterprise Damaged In Transit
      Fri Jun 8 14:14:27 2012
      Its often said that when traveling, how you get where youre going is more important more than where you end up. For the space shuttle Enterprise, its journey to the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum in New York City is one no one will soon forget[...]
    9. Atlantis and Crew Land in Florida, Ending Shuttle Era
      Thu Jul 21 13:38:41 2011
      Atlantis and crew landed at NASAs Kennedy Space Center Thursday morning, Ending Americas Space Shuttle program. [...]
    10. Atlantis Liftsoff on Shuttle Programs Final Mission
      Fri Jul 8 10:58:07 2011
      Atlantis and its four astronauts have left Earth for the final Shuttle mission, which will cap off an amazing 30-year program.[...]

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