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    1. Mars 2020 Could Return to Where NASAs Spirit Rover Roamed
      Tue Feb 14 05:50:00 2017
      The Columbia Hills region is one of three locations on the Red Planet along with Jezero Crater and NE Syrtis that have been identified as leading contenders as landing sites for NASAs next Mars rover. [...]
    2. Music of The Mars Generation: Q&A with Composer Tyler Strickland
      Tue Feb 14 04:18:00 2017
      Tyler Strickland, the composer for the new documentary "The Mars Generation," talked with about how music and film combine. [...]
    3. Mars landing sites for 2020 NASA mission down to the final three
      Mon Feb 13 12:06:00 2017
      At a meeting in California, NASA scientists whittled down the landing sites for its next rover - which will search for signs of life[...]
    4. Landing Sites for 2020 Mars Rover: NASA Weighs 3 Options
      Mon Feb 13 10:15:00 2017
      NASA has selected three potential landing sites for the upcoming Mars 2020 rover: an ancient lake, a past volcanic hotbed and an early hot-spring site. [...]
    5. NASA picks three potential drill sites for Mars 2020
      Sun Feb 12 17:27:00 2017
      When the Mars 2020 rover reaches the red planet, it will quickly begin drilling for samples from its surface. NASA hasnt picked the exact drill site yet, but it has narrowed its choices down[...]
    6. Scientists Shortlist Three Landing Sites for Mars 2020
      Sun Feb 12 06:53:57 2017
      Participants in a landing site workshop for NASAs upcoming Mars 2020 mission have recommended three locations on the Red Planet for further evaluation. The three potential landing sites for NASAs next Mars rover include Northeast Syrtis a very ancie[...]
    7. Watch the Curiosity Rover Roll Across Mars Surface
      Fri Feb 10 12:35:55 2017
      We all love the selfies the Curiosity rover takes of itself sitting on Mars. We love them because its so amazing to see a human-made object on another world, and these images give us hope that one day we might have pictures of o[...]
    8. Mars Was Recently Hit by a Meteorite Shotgun Blast
      Wed Feb 8 10:21:00 2017
      A cluster of recent meteorite impacts on Mars have been found, highlighting a deadly hazard for future Mars colonists. [...]
    9. Mars 2020 Rovers Landing Site Will Undergo Hot Debate This Week
      Wed Feb 8 02:54:00 2017
      Eight potential locations will be studied only three or four will be prioritized for exploration by NASAs next rover mission to the Red Planet. [...]
    10. NASA really isnt sure why ancient Mars was wet
      Tue Feb 7 15:58:00 2017
      The scientific community accepts that once upon a time, Mars was partially covered by water. New data from NASAs Curiosity rover indicates that a lake was present on the red planet billions of years ago, but this doesnt make much sense b[...]

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