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    1. French Mathematician Yves Meyer Wins Top Prize for Wavelet Theory
      Tue Mar 21 09:56:00 2017
      Yves Meyer, a French mathematician who did pioneering work on a signal processing tool known as wavelet analysis, has won the Abel Prize, one of the top math prizes. [...]
    2. Short Cuts: Budget 2017, Startup Files, Google Lunar X Prize, Deep Six, RCM, Moonshots and More
      Mon Jan 30 14:01:03 2017
      In this weeks Short Cuts we talk about the upcoming budget, moonshots, the universe as a hologram, the making of the RADARSAT Satellite Constellation, our new feature Startup Files, our new Culture section and more. If you would like to submit a Sho[...]
    3. Five Teams Remain as Google Lunar XPRIZE Enters Final Phase
      Thu Jan 26 13:59:14 2017
      Space is hard. While startups success rates are slowly increasing in low earth orbit LEO, its even harder for startups looking beyond low earth orbit. In fact, no company with the goal of operating a commercial enterprise near or on the moo[...]
    4. Google announces the five Lunar Xprize finalists
      Tue Jan 24 08:00:00 2017
      Googles Lunar Xprize is finally on the home stretch almost a decade after it was first announced. The contest organizers have revealed the five teams that got into the final phase of the competition by securing launch contracts before 20[...]
    5. Google Lunar X Prize: The Private Moon Race Teams Images
      Mon Jan 23 01:15:00 2017
      Five teams are still competing in a 30 million private race to the moon. [...]
    6. To the Moon! Private Team Fully Funded for Google Lunar X Prize Race
      Fri Jan 13 11:01:00 2017
      One of the teams vying to win a 30 million race to the moon has locked up all the funding needed for its maiden lunar mission, team members said. [...]
    7. Google Lunar X Prize Teams Await Word of Their Fate
      Wed Jan 4 10:07:00 2017
      Teams competing in the Google Lunar X Prize, facing an end-of-the-year deadline to obtain a verified launch contract, may not know until some time in January if they will be able to continue in their race to the moon. [...]
    8. Japanese Google Lunar X Prize Team Finds New Ride to the Moon
      Tue Dec 27 11:34:00 2016
      Team Hakuto, a Japanese group competing for the Google Lunar X Prize, announced Dec. 20 it has a verified contract to fly its rover on another teams lander in 2017 after its initial partner dropped out of the competition. [...]
    9. Two Star Trek Tricorders Have Made It to the Final Round of XPRIZE
      Wed Dec 14 01:43:00 2016
      These futuristic medical devices can diagnose 13 different health conditions in minutes. [...]
    10. Indian X Prize Team Secures Launch Contract with ISRO
      Sat Dec 3 07:04:00 2016
      TeamIndus, an Indian team competing in the Google Lunar X Prize, announced Dec. 1 it has a launch contract for its lunar lander mission with the Indian Space Research Organisation ISRO. [...]

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