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    1. Opinion Canada Must be Extremely Cautious in any Free Trade Deal with China
      Mon Jul 17 11:28:43 2017
      Between April 24-28 of this year China and Canada met in Ottawa for the second exploratory discussions on a possible free trade agreement. If Canada moves forward with negotiating a free trade agreement it must ensure that Canadas domestic sp[...]
    2. China Sealed Four Students in a Moon Lab to See If Well Lose Our Shit in Space
      Mon Jul 10 13:45:00 2017
      On Sunday, four Chinese volunteers were sealed into a 1,720-square-foot lab where they are supposed to remain for the next six and a half months. The experiment is one of the latest steps in Chinas plan to put astronauts on the moon by 2036 . [...]
    3. Rocket failure may delay Chinas space station and moon missions
      Mon Jul 3 07:20:00 2017
      The second rocket failure in two weeks is likely to cause delays for Chinas ambitious space programme whilst the causes are under investigation[...]
    4. Chinas Powerful Long March 5 Rocket Fails on 2nd Launch
      Sun Jul 2 07:46:00 2017
      The second launch of Chinas most powerful rocket, the Long March 5, ended in failure July 2, the second incident involving a Chinese launch vehicle in as many weeks. [...]
    5. Japan wants to put a man on the moon before China does
      Fri Jun 30 06:02:00 2017
      Japans space agency JAXA has submitted an ambitious proposal to the countrys Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology: it wants to fly and put a man on the moon by 2030. The agency is either directly challenging Chinas [...]
    6. The Sale of Norsat to Chinas Hytera is Complicated by Politics
      Wed Jun 21 11:10:30 2017
      Why is the sale of Norsat all of a sudden become political fodder for the opposition parties? Its simple really, everything is political when youre dealing with China and a Liberal government that wants to further engage China. Add in [...]
    7. Chinas Robotic Cargo Ship Completes 2nd Auto-Refueling Test in Space
      Sat Jun 17 05:40:00 2017
      Chinas Tiangong-2 space lab and Tianzhou-1 vehicle have completed a second refueling test, Chinese space officials said. [...]
    8. Chinas First Payload Arrives at the ISS
      Tue Jun 6 09:25:47 2017
      NanoRacks Prepares Activation of Historic Chinese Research, 25 Experiments Onboard International Space Station , Nanoracks "After Saturdays launch to the International Space Station ISS, SpaceXs Dragon was successfully berthed an[...]
    9. China, Russia Advancing Anti-Satellite Technology, US Intelligence Chief Says
      Thu May 18 06:00:00 2017
      The United States top intelligence official spotlighted the threat of space warfare in a hearing of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence last week. [...]
    10. Archinaut Spacecraft Could Build Huge Structures in Space Videos
      Tue May 16 06:01:00 2017
      Made In Space, the company that owns and operates the commercial 3D printer aboard the International Space Station, is developing a new technology called Archinaut, which is designed to enable the assembly of large structures in the final frontier. [...]

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