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    1. The Best Star Wars Gear for Force Friday II
      Thu Aug 31 10:31:00 2017
      From an AR headset that puts you right in the midst of a lightsaber battle to an R2 unit you build yourself, heres some of the best Star Wars gear coming out for Force Friday. [...]
    2. Giant Magellan Telescope II
      Thu Aug 10 00:00:00 2017
      One of the problems with planets in other star systems is that they dont just walk up to you and tell you their life stories. But a mammoth telescope thats being developed now should help with the introductions. When its completed in the next de[...]
    3. WeDontPlanetEpisode 15: How Type II Supernovae Are Triggered
      Fri Aug 4 04:57:00 2017
      The exact mechanisms behind the massive star explosions known as Type II supernovae are still shrouded in mystery, but scientists have some ideas. The 15th episode of the astrophysics-explainer video series "We Dont Planet" will get you up to speed. [...]
    4. Looking for Canals II
      Fri Aug 4 00:00:00 2017
      William Pickering was supposed to be studying the stars. By the summer of 1892, hed set up an observatory in the Andes Mountains of Peru to photograph southern skies for Harvard College Observatory. Instead of the stars, though, Pickering was mesm[...]
    5. Sigma Scorpii
      Sun Jul 30 00:00:00 2017
      The celestial scorpion curves above the southern horizon as night falls on summer evenings, with the bright orange star Antares as its bright heart. Antares is one of the most impressive stars in the galaxy a supergiant thats destined to explo[...]
    6. NASA Awards Safety, Mission Assurance Services II Contract
      Fri Jul 28 15:30:00 2017
      NASA has awarded a contract to Millennium Engineering and Integration Company of Arlington, Virginia, for Safety and Mission Assurance Services SMAS II for NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.[...]
    7. The Dolphin II
      Sun Jul 16 00:00:00 2017
      Most constellations bear little resemblance to their namesakes. You need a great imagination to see a king in the stars of Cepheus, for example, or a sea goat in Capricornus. One constellation that does resemble its namesake is the dolphin, Del[...]
    8. Delphinus II
      Sun Jul 16 00:00:00 2017
      A pretty binary climbs across the southern sky tonight. Gamma Delphini is at the snout of Delphinus, the dolphin, which is in the east as night falls. Under dark skies, Gamma Delphini looks like a single point of light, but a telescope reveals two [...]
    9. WeDontPlanetEpisode 11: Type II Supernovae
      Fri Jul 7 06:00:00 2017
      Stars at least eight times more massive than the sun end their lives in incredibly bright explosions called Type II supernovae. Learn all about them in the 11th episode of the astrophysics-video series "We Dont Planet." [...]
    10. Symbiotic R Aquarii
      Thu Jun 29 03:12:03 2017
      A long recognized naked-eye variable star, R Aquarii is actually an interacting binary star system, two stars that seem to have a close, symbiotic relationship. About 710 light years away, it consists of a cool red giant star and hot, dense white dwa[...]

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