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    1. Close Encounter With Asteroid Will Test Earths Early Warning System
      Wed Oct 11 12:20:00 2017
      Early tomorrow, a small asteroid will zip past Earth well inside the Moons orbit. NASA says poses no threat, but astronomers around the world will use the opportunity to test the international communitys ability to dete[...]
    2. Asteroid Approaching! Watch Slooh Flyby Webcast Tonight
      Wed Oct 11 06:47:00 2017
      An asteroid the size of a house is set to give Earth a close shave, and you can watch part of the space rocks approach live online this evening Oct. 11. [...]
    3. Ancient asteroid impact exposes the moons interior
      Tue Oct 10 11:41:03 2017
      A large basin on the moon has revealed that its interior is made of a different mineral than Earths interior, contradicting the theory that the interior of the planets look mostly the same. [...]
    4. Unusual Mountain Ahuna Mons on Asteroid Ceres
      Mon Oct 9 01:45:28 2017
      What created this unusual mountain? Ahuna Mons is the largest mountain on the largest known asteroid in our Solar System, Ceres, which orbits our Sun in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Ahuna Mons, though, is like nothing that humanit[...]
    5. Bus-Size Asteroid Zooms by Earth in Close But Harmless Encounter
      Mon Oct 2 03:10:00 2017
      An asteroid about the size of a bus gave Earth a close shave this morning Oct. 2, cruising well inside the orbit of the moon. [...]
    6. NASA Asteroid Probe Snaps Farewell Photo of Earth and Moon
      Sat Sep 30 06:28:00 2017
      NASAs OSIRIS-REx spacecraft now has some nice photos of home to look at during its long flight to a distant asteroid. [...]
    7. NASAs OSIRIS-REx Captures Lovely Blue Marble during Gravity Assist Swing-by to Asteroid Bennu
      Thu Sep 28 16:04:01 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - NASAs OSIRIS-REx asteroid mission captured a lovely Blue Marble image of our Home Planet during last Fridays Sept. 22 successful gravity assist swing-by sending the probe hurtling towards asteroid Bennu for a rendezvo[...]
    8. Near-Earth asteroid CubeSat goes full sail
      Tue Sep 26 12:39:28 2017
      NASAs Near-Earth Asteroid Scout, a small satellite the size of a shoebox, designed to study asteroids close to Earth, recently performed a full-scale solar sail deployment test. The test was performed in an indoor clean room to ensure the deployment [...]
    9. Super-Earths draw asteroids to other worlds, which may seed life
      Tue Sep 26 06:19:00 2017
      Asteroid collisions can be destructive just ask the dinosaurs but they also bring key ingredients for life. Super-Earths can draw them to nearby worlds[...]
    10. Earth Shines in Flyby Photo Snapped by NASA Asteroid Probe
      Tue Sep 26 04:05:00 2017
      NASAs OSIRIS-REx spacecraft memorialized last weeks brief swing by Earth with a nice photo of its home planet. [...]

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