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    1. NASAs Predawn Rocket Launch Will Test a Supersonic Parachute
      Tue Oct 3 10:18:00 2017
      NASA will launch a small rocket from Virginias Eastern Shore early Wednesday Oct. 4 to test a supersonic parachute system for future spacecraft bound for Mars. The launch may be visible to observers along the U.S. East Coast, weather permitting. [...]
    2. Happy Anniversary, Dawn! Record-Setting NASA Probe Marks 10 Years in Space
      Fri Sep 29 06:00:00 2017
      Dawn launched on Sept. 27, 2007, kicking off a 467 million mission to study the two largest objects in the asteroid belt the protoplanet Vesta and the dwarf planet Ceres up close. [...]
    3. Dawn Probe Finds Evidence of Subsurface Ice on Vesta
      Wed Sep 20 12:47:29 2017
      A new study from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering, with the support of NASA, has found evidence of subsurface ice on Vesta. The post Dawn Probe Finds Evidence of Subsurface Ice on Vesta appeared first on Universe Today . [...]
    4. This Weekend: The Moon Photobombs Planet-palooza at Dawn
      Wed Sep 13 11:33:09 2017
      Wondering where are the fleeting inner solar system planets are this month? While Jupiter and Saturn sink into the dusk on the far side of the Sun this month, the real action transpires in the dawn sky in mid-September, with a complex set of early[...]
    5. Mini-satellite Named After God of Dawn Will Launch This Month
      Fri Aug 4 10:45:00 2017
      A little satellite named after the mythological Norse god of the dawn will be sent into orbit in August and carry along six technologies one of which is smaller than a fingernail to collect data about the Earths atmosphere. [...]
    6. Dawn of the cosmos: Seeing galaxies that appeared soon after the Big Bang
      Wed Jul 26 13:33:51 2017
      Astronomers have discovered 23 young galaxies, seen as they were 800 million years after the Big Bang. [...]
    7. Cosmic Rendezvous at Dawn: Moon, Venus and Aldebaran Get Together
      Wed Jul 19 06:01:00 2017
      One of the brightest and most colorful stars in the sky will join the most brilliant planet in the dawn sky this week and the duo will rendezvous with the moon on Thursday morning July 20. [...]
    8. NASA Reviews Options for Dawn Extended Mission
      Sun Jul 9 06:30:00 2017
      NASA expects to make a decision within the next two months whether to keep the Dawn spacecraft in orbit around the largest body in the main asteroid belt or have it fly past another asteroid. [...]
    9. See the Crescent Moon and Venus Shine Together Before Dawn Monday
      Sun May 21 06:40:00 2017
      The crescent moon and Venus will shine before dawn on Monday May 22. Heres how to see the two brightest objects in the night sky before sunrise. [...]
    10. Dawn Gets Right in Between the Sun and Ceres and Takes this Video
      Wed May 17 15:08:41 2017
      Using data provided by the Dawn probe, which now orbits between Ceres and the Sun at opposition, NASA has created a new movie of the protoplanet The post Dawn Gets Right in Between the Sun and Ceres and Takes this Video appeared first on Univ[...]

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