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    1. Hey NASA: This Is The Droid You Were Looking For
      Tue Nov 14 00:45:09 2017
      P Keiths note: NASA poured lots of money into its R5 robot that cannot walk unless it is on a hoist and controlled by a human. It is always broken. So they gave away these broken droids to several universities [...]
    2. Touring the solar system with a new book of NASA photos
      Mon Nov 13 13:00:00 2017
      Its easy to get jaded by images of our solar system, especially when NASA probes like Cassini make it look so routine. A new book called The Planets , written and curated by Nirmala Nataraj with a forward by Bill Nye and featuring hundr[...]
    3. Hearing on NASA Exploration
      Mon Nov 13 11:10:29 2017
      Hearing on An Update on NASA Exploration Systems Development "The U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology will hold a Subcommittee on Space hearing titled, An Update on NASA Exploration Systems Development. The purpo[...]
    4. SNCs Dream Chaser Achieves Successful Free Flight at NASA Armstrong
      Sun Nov 12 08:40:07 2017
      Sierra Nevada Corp.s Dream Chaser spacecraft underwent a successful free-flight test on November 11, 2017 at NASAs Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards, California. The test verified and validated the performance of the Dream Chaser in the cri[...]
    5. NASA Space Station Cargo Launches Aboard Orbital ATK Mission
      Sun Nov 12 08:33:00 2017
      The International Space Station will receive about 7,400 pounds of cargo, including new science and technology investigations, following the successful launch of Orbital ATKs Cygnus spacecraft from NASAs Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia Sunday.[...]
    6. Orbital ATK Rocket Launches NASA Cargo to Space Station in Spectacular Morning Liftoff
      Sun Nov 12 06:54:00 2017
      The commercial spaceflight company Orbital ATK successfully launched an Antares rocket today Nov. 12, providing a Sunday morning spectacle for early birds along the U.S. east coast. [...]
    7. NASA Moving Ahead with Deployment of Orion Capsule and Space Launch System
      Sat Nov 11 17:49:31 2017
      NASA recently concluded a critical review of the Orion spacecraft and the Space Launch System, and is on track to test these systems in the coming years. The post NASA Moving Ahead with Deployment of Orion Capsule and Space Launch System appeare[...]
    8. NASA Honors History of Veterans in Space Program
      Sat Nov 11 04:00:00 2017
      In honor of Veterans Day, current and former astronauts have shared warm messages to all those whove served and sacrificed in the armed forces of the United States. [...]
    9. Aborting a Launch of NASAS Orion Capsule Sounds Absolutely Horrifying
      Fri Nov 10 12:24:00 2017
      NASA is currently developing a space capsule, called Orion, that will eventually carry a crew of four astronauts to Low Earth Orbit and beyond. Should something go catastrophically wrong during launch, an abort system will work to save the lives of[...]
    10. NASA Will Launch E. Coli into Space to Study Antibiotic Resistance
      Fri Nov 10 04:43:00 2017
      E. coli, a common bacterial pathogen responsible for millions of urinary tract infections and foodborne illnesses every year, will blast off to the International Space Station ISS on Saturday Nov. 11 to take part in a study of antibiotic resistan[...]

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