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    1. Full Cold Moon Tonight Heralds Decembers Supermoon: What to Expect
      Sun Dec 3 07:00:00 2017
      Decembers Full Cold Moon rises tonight Dec. 3, bringing the only "supermoon" of the year on its heels. [...]
    2. Full Moon Sunday Kicks Off Supermoon Trilogy, Including a Lunar Eclipse
      Sat Dec 2 06:59:00 2017
      Sunday nights Full Cold Moon a bigger and brighter full moon than usual will kick off a very special "supermoon trilogy," NASA says. It includes three supermoons in a row, ending in a blue moon and total lunar eclipse. [...]
    3. Hydrothermal Vent Experiments Bring Saturn Moon Enceladus to Earth
      Fri Dec 1 10:25:00 2017
      Laboratory experiments on Earth can now simulate the conditions under which life might emerge on Saturns moon Enceladus, as well as other icy alien worlds, according to recent research. [...]
    4. Slooh Airing Supermoon Show Sunday: Watch It Live Online
      Fri Dec 1 07:04:00 2017
      The astronomy broadcasting service Slooh will air a special "supermoon" webcast Sunday Dec. 3, starting at 9 p.m. EST 0200 GMT on Monday, Dec. 4. [...]
    5. 2017 Full Moon Calendar
      Fri Dec 1 07:00:00 2017
      The full moon happens once a month. Find out when. [...]
    6. Supermoon 2017: When and How to See Decembers Full Cold Moon This Weekend
      Fri Dec 1 07:00:00 2017
      When the "Full Cold Moon" rises on Dec. 3, it will also be the first and last "supermoon" of 2017. [...]
    7. Night Sky: Visible Planets, Moon Phases & Events, December 2017
      Fri Dec 1 06:30:00 2017
      Find out whats up in your night sky during December 2017 and how to see it in this stargazing guide. [...]
    8. Observing the Fascinating Full Moon Using Mobile Apps: Part 2 Supermoon
      Fri Dec 1 06:17:00 2017
      Heres how to make the most of this weekends full moon the largest and brightest supermoon of the year with the help of mobile apps. [...]
    9. Supermoon Quiz! Are You Super or Just Lost in Space?
      Fri Dec 1 06:15:00 2017
      While the moon is always a beautiful sight in the sky, occasionally skywatchers are treated to a special "supermoon." Do you know at what phase a supermoon occurs? Or why supermoons dont happen every month? Take this quiz and see how you do! [...]
    10. You Should Look at The Moon
      Thu Nov 30 12:00:00 2017
      This weekend, for the several billionth or so time in Earths history, the Moon will be in the part of its orbit around Earth where its a little closer, 16,000 miles closer than usual, and it looks a teeny amount larger. By this point, this so-cal[...]

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