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    1. How does it look when Earth is bombarded with dark matter?
      Wed Dec 6 11:25:07 2017
      A whole lot of zig-zagging: Perhaps that is what happens when the universes mysterious dark matter particles hit the Earth. Researchers can now show through simulations how it might look. [...]
    2. The usual way of hunting dark matter may be all wrong
      Tue Dec 5 11:00:00 2017
      If dark matter isnt heavy and interacts even weakly with normal matter, we should drag our detectors out from underground to catch it[...]
    3. Chinas Cosmic Monkey King Satellite Looks for Dark Matter
      Wed Nov 29 04:33:00 2017
      By analyzing cosmic rays in space, the "Monkey King" satellite from China is now helping pin down the identity of dark matter, a new study finds. [...]
    4. Dark matter and dark energy: Do they really exist?
      Wed Nov 22 10:30:13 2017
      Researchers have hypothesized that the universe contains a dark matter. They have also posited the existence of a dark energy. These two hypotheses account for the movement of stars in galaxies and for the accelerating expansion of the universe. But,[...]
    5. Losing Darkness: Satellite Data Shows Global Light Pollution On the Rise
      Wed Nov 22 03:00:00 2017
      A study using data from an Earth-observing weather satellite shows that in both developed and developing nations, Earths night skies are being filled with artificial light more and more each year. [...]
    6. NASA Is Dark In Some Places Update
      Tue Nov 21 15:48:49 2017
      Keiths 4:40 pm Update: They fixed it. [...]
    7. NASA Is Dark In Some Places
      Tue Nov 21 00:54:50 2017
      I was about to duplicate this issue when attempting to access the NASA website. I&39;m reaching out to our engineers to have the DNS issue looked into. DB — ComcastCares comcastcares November 21, 2017 [...]
    8. Dark Matter: The Mystery Substance Physics Still Cant Identify
      Mon Nov 20 04:38:00 2017
      Despite very considerable successes, there remains much more to be learned. And in some ways, the discoveries made in recent decades have raised as many new questions as they have answered. [...]
    9. Weird Dark Streaks on Mars May Not Be Flowing Water After All
      Mon Nov 20 04:24:00 2017
      Bad news for microbes on Mars: A new paper argues that dark streaks on the Martian surface are not caused by underground supplies of liquid water. [...]
    10. Dark matter may be the source of antimatter streaming past Earth
      Thu Nov 16 13:00:00 2017
      Two nearby powerful pulsars arent responsible for the stream of antimatter positrons snaking past Earth, so dark matter might be behind it after all[...]

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