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    1. NASA Television to Air Launch of Next Space Station Resupply Mission
      Wed Dec 6 14:56:00 2017
      NASA commercial cargo provider SpaceX is now targeting its 13th commercial resupply services mission to the International Space Station for no earlier than 11:46 a.m. EST Tuesday, Dec. 12.[...]
    2. Hearing on NASA Space Telescopes
      Wed Dec 6 14:18:35 2017
      NASA: Preliminary Observations on the Management of Space Telescopes , Cristina Chaplain GAO "GAOs ongoing work indicates that these projects are each making progress in line with their phase of the acquisition cycle but also face s[...]
    3. Weekly Space Hangout Dec. 6, 2017: Brian Koberlein and Big Science
      Wed Dec 6 12:50:30 2017
      Hosts: Fraser Cain fcain Dr. Paul M. Sutter PaulMattSutter Dr. Kimberly Cartier AstroKimCartier Dr. Morgan Rehnberg MorganRehnberg Special [...]
    4. NASA Television Coverage Set for Space Station Crew Landing, Launch
      Wed Dec 6 11:44:00 2017
      Three crew members on the International Space Station are scheduled to end their mission and return to Earth on Thursday, Dec. 14, just days before another three space travelers begin their mission. Live coverage will air on NASA Television and the a[...]
    5. Cygnus Spacecraft Departs the Space Station: Heres the Awesome Science Its Doing
      Wed Dec 6 10:13:00 2017
      Orbital ATKs Cygnus spacecraft departed the International Space Station ISS this morning Dec. 6, on its way to do some bonus science by releasing 14 minisatellites before burning up in Earths atmosphere after a successful cargo delivery missi[...]
    6. Why brewing beer in space is more important than you think
      Wed Dec 6 09:42:00 2017
      Budweiser is sending barley seeds into orbit next week. Thats just the beginning of the challenge of trying to brew beer beyond Earth[...]
    7. Raging Southern California Wildfires Seen from Space Photos
      Wed Dec 6 03:00:00 2017
      Satellite photos show just how big and destructive the Southern California wildfires have become. [...]
    8. Hunting Space Rocks II
      Wed Dec 6 00:00:00 2017
      span c[...]
    9. SpaceX Launch Slips, Cygnus Leaving and BEAM Stay Extended
      Tue Dec 5 17:17:52 2017
      SpaceX has delayed the launch of its next Dragon resupply mission to the International Space Station to no earlier than Dec. 12. Back on orbit, the Cygnus cargo craft is getting ready to leave the orbital lab and an experimental module has its stay i[...]
    10. Gaia Spacecraft Finds Previously Hidden Star Cluster Video
      Tue Dec 5 10:00:00 2017
      The European Space Agency ESA released a video explaining how astronomers used the Gaia telescope to discover a large star cluster earlier this year. [...]

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