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    1. 200-Year-Old Journal Reveals Rare American Sunspot Records
      Fri Dec 8 06:00:00 2017
      A journal of a Maine reverend reveals detailed sunspot observations during the 1816 "year without a summer." [...]
    2. Oldest Monster Black Hole Ever Found Is 800 Million Times More Massive Than the Sun
      Wed Dec 6 00:01:00 2017
      Astronomers have discovered the oldest supermassive black hole yet, a behemoth that grew to 800 million times the mass of the sun when the universe was just 5 percent of its current age, a new study finds. [...]
    3. Sun in Ophiuchus
      Mon Dec 4 00:00:00 2017
      The Sun is passing Ophiuchus, the serpent-bearer, the unofficial thirteenth constellation of the zodiac. The Sun will remain within its boundaries for about two more weeks. [...]
    4. Sun Time
      Sun Dec 3 00:00:00 2017
      Spica, the leading light of the constellation Virgo, will stand to the upper right of the planet Mars at dawn tomorrow. Spica is the brighter of the two, while Mars shows a distinctly orange tint. [...]
    5. Full Moon Sunday Kicks Off Supermoon Trilogy, Including a Lunar Eclipse
      Sat Dec 2 06:59:00 2017
      Sunday nights Full Cold Moon a bigger and brighter full moon than usual will kick off a very special "supermoon trilogy," NASA says. It includes three supermoons in a row, ending in a blue moon and total lunar eclipse. [...]
    6. Slooh Airing Supermoon Show Sunday: Watch It Live Online
      Fri Dec 1 07:04:00 2017
      The astronomy broadcasting service Slooh will air a special "supermoon" webcast Sunday Dec. 3, starting at 9 p.m. EST 0200 GMT on Monday, Dec. 4. [...]
    7. Martian Dusk: Curiosity Rover Captures Stunning Red Planet Sunset
      Thu Nov 30 04:03:00 2017
      NASAs Mars rover Curiosity has treated us to another view of an otherworldly sunset. [...]
    8. Hot Spot Around Red Giant Star May Reveal Suns Fate
      Mon Nov 20 06:00:00 2017
      Astronomers have captured a stunning new view of the surface of an aging red giant star, revealing new clues about what the future may hold for our own sun. [...]
    9. New Hole in Suns Atmosphere Lets Particles Spew Out
      Mon Nov 20 04:04:00 2017
      An extensive hole opened up in the suns atmosphere, allowing solar winds to rush out into space. [...]
    10. The Suns Sleepy Phase Is Surprisingly Consistent
      Fri Nov 17 04:19:00 2017
      Sixty years of data reveal that, while the maximum level of solar activity can vary drastically, by one measure, it always returns to the same quiet minimum. [...]

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