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    1. Supermoon! Amazing Photos of the Biggest Full Moon of 2018
      Tue Jan 2 03:47:00 2018
      The biggest full moon of 2018 lit up the night sky overnight on Jan. 1 and 2, thrilling skywatchers around the world. See amazing photos of the New Years Day supermoon Wolf Moon by readers here! [...]
    2. Supermassive black holes control star formation in large galaxies
      Mon Jan 1 13:48:00 2018
      Young galaxies blaze with bright new stars forming at a rapid rate, but star formation eventually shuts down as a galaxy evolves. A new study shows that the mass of the black hole in the center of the galaxy determines how soon this quenching of star[...]
    3. Supermoon 2018: When and How to See Januarys Two Full Moons
      Mon Jan 1 06:45:00 2018
      When the "Full Wolf Moon" rises on Jan. 1, it will also be the first of two "supermoons" in 2018, both of them in January. [...]
    4. New Years Day Full Moon: Are Supermoons Really That Super?
      Mon Jan 1 06:00:00 2018
      Skywatchers who intend to observe the "super" full moon tonight Jan. 1 may find that Earths lunar companion doesnt actually appear particularly "super." [...]
    5. Full Wolf Moon: New Years Supermoon Is the Biggest of the Year
      Sun Dec 31 08:01:00 2017
      New Years Day is a time for resolutions and hangovers, but this year, it also provides a chance to see the moon in all its glory. [...]
    6. Moons Supersonic Shadow Created Waves During the 2017 Solar Eclipse
      Wed Dec 27 07:19:00 2017
      When the moons shadow zipped across the United States during the Great American Solar Eclipse this past August, the shadow traveled so fast it created waves in Earths upper atmosphere, a new study finds. [...]
    7. Super Blue Blood-Moon 2018: When, Where and How to See It
      Wed Dec 27 06:59:00 2017
      A blue moon, a supermoon, and a blood moon i.e. a lunar eclipse are happening around the same time in January 2018: Heres when. [...]
    8. Mysterious Filament is Stretching Down Towards the Milky Ways Supermassive Black Hole
      Sat Dec 23 16:45:45 2017
      Looking to the center of our galaxy, astronomers noted the presence of a mysterious filament extending from the supermassive black hole located there. The post Mysterious Filament is Stretching Down Towards the Milky Ways Supermassive Blac[...]
    9. Supercharge Your GoTo Telescope with Wireless Smartphone Control
      Wed Dec 20 06:16:00 2017
      A backyard computerized GoTo telescope can automatically locate just about anything a beginner skywatcher might want to see. But how do you find out which objects are available when you are observing? [...]
    10. NASA will take images of its quiet supersonic jets shockwaves
      Tue Dec 19 09:16:00 2017
      When NASA begins testing its supersonic jet , you wont only hear about it -- youll see cool images from the experiments, too. The agency has recently completed a series of flight tests proving that the imaging technique it developed is cap[...]

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