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    1. SpaceXs 1st Falcon Heavy Rocket Now at Launchpad Ahead of Maiden Flight
      Thu Dec 28 02:06:00 2017
      SpaceXs Falcon Heavy megarocket was rolled out on the launchpad today Dec. 28, as the company prepares for the rockets maiden flight, which is scheduled for next month. [...]
    2. Zenit Rocket Launches Angolas Long-awaited First Satellite
      Wed Dec 27 07:03:00 2017
      A Zenit rocket, flying for the first time in two years, successfully orbited Angolas debut satellite Angosat-1 on Dec. 26. [...]
    3. Angolas First Satellite Launches Into Space on Zenit Rocket
      Tue Dec 26 03:03:00 2017
      A Ukrainian-built Zenit rocket launched the South African country Angolas first communications satellite into orbit Tuesday Dec. 26. [...]
    4. NASAs Space Launch System Rocket Gets Maiden Mission Patch
      Tue Dec 26 00:41:00 2017
      The maiden launch of NASAs new heavy-lift rocket now has a mission patch. The agency finalized its insignia representing Exploration Mission-1 EM-1, the first flight of the Space Launch System SLS, presently targeted for late 2019. [...]
    5. UFO? No, Its a SpaceX Rocket! These Falcon 9 Launch Photos Are Just Amazing
      Sun Dec 24 09:00:00 2017
      SpaceXs launch of a Falcon 9 rocket Friday night Dec. 22 was by all accounts a dazzling and for some, unsettling sight in the night sky and the photos are simply spectacular. [...]
    6. SpaceXs Jaw-Dropping Rocket Launch Wows Spectators Across Southern California
      Sat Dec 23 09:42:00 2017
      A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lit up the evening sky over Southern California last night Dec. 22 in a dazzling display that was visible to potentially millions of spectators and set Twitter abuzz with sightings. [...]
    7. Japanese Rocket Launches Two Satellites Into Orbit
      Sat Dec 23 09:29:00 2017
      The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency launched two satellites into space Friday Dec. 22 on separate missions to study the Earth and test new ion engine technology. [...]
    8. NASA Tests 3-D Printed Rocket Part to Reduce Future SLS Engine Costs
      Fri Dec 22 09:13:53 2017
      Engineers successfully hot-fire tested an RS-25 rocket engine with a large 3-D printed part for the first time on Dec. 13, marking a key step toward reducing costs for future engines that power NASAs new heavy-lift rocket, the Space Launch System. [...]
    9. Used SpaceX Rocket Launches 10 Communications Satellites Once Again
      Fri Dec 22 07:40:00 2017
      A Falcon 9 booster with a pre-flown first stage lifted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California tonight Dec. 22 at 11:27 p.m. EST, lofting 10 communications satellites for the commercial Iridium Next constellation. [...]
    10. Elon Musk Reveals Photos of Tesla Roadster Launching on Falcon Heavy Rocket
      Fri Dec 22 03:48:00 2017
      SpaceX CEO Elon Musk revealed the first photos of his midnight cherry Tesla Roadster that will launch into space on SpaceXs first Falcon Heavy rocket in January 2018. [...]

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