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    1. Mars and Jupiter
      Fri Jan 5 00:00:00 2018
      The planets Mars and Jupiter are in the east at first light right now. Jupiter is the brightest point of light in the sky at that hour, with fainter Mars close to the right of Jupiter tomorrow and below Jupiter the next day. [...]
    2. SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket test is the start of a race to Mars
      Thu Jan 4 07:05:00 2018
      The imminent first flight of Elon Musks giant new rocket could mark a spectacular start to a new era in space flight, saysPaul Marks[...]
    3. Mars and Earth May Not Have Been Early Neighbors
      Thu Jan 4 06:08:00 2018
      Mars may have formed in what today is the Asteroid Belt, roughly one and a half times as far from the sun as its current position, before migrating to its present location. [...]
    4. Previewing 2018s Year of Spectacular Mars Using Mobile Apps
      Thu Jan 4 05:23:00 2018
      Last years big astronomy story was the Great American Total Solar Eclipse, which crossed the U.S. from coast to coast back in August. But for 2018 its Mars! [...]
    5. On This Day In Space! Jan. 3, 2004: Spirit Rover Lands on Mars Video
      Wed Jan 3 06:49:00 2018
      On Jan. 3, 2004, NASAs Spirit rover landed on Mars! Also known as Mars Exploration Rover 2, this was the first of NASAs twin rovers to land on the Red Planet. [...]
    6. NASA lends a hand to new American Girl doll with Mars aspirations
      Thu Dec 28 17:28:00 2017
      While the American Girl brand is well-known for teaching the past through dolls with fictional ties to important events, its latest aims to inspire youths to make history themselves. On the first day of 2018, the next American Girl will hit [...]
    7. Earth was smashed by a rock the size of Mars to make the moon
      Thu Dec 28 13:00:00 2017
      4.5 billion years ago, a rock called Theia crashed into Earth and formed the moon. Now we know that it was probably only about a tenth the mass of our planet[...]
    8. Researchers say life on Mars may have had a better chance underground
      Wed Dec 27 21:02:00 2017
      Mars is now a dry, cold planet, but whether it once supported life is still an open question. On Earth, areas that once hosted long dried-up bodies of water have been a rich source of evidence of ancient life and because of that, those[...]
    9. Beagle 2: How We Found Our Lost Mars Lander After a Decade And Whats Next
      Tue Dec 26 06:12:00 2017
      The last picture taken of the Mars lander Beagle 2 showed it being successfully ejected from Mars Express on Christmas Day in 2003. But sadly, we never got a signal back from the lander and have ever since tried to work out what happened, and where i[...]
    10. Maybe Mars and Earth Didnt Form Close to Each Other
      Thu Dec 21 16:23:56 2017
      A new study by an international team of researchers has suggested that Mars formed farther from the Sun than previously thought. The post Maybe Mars and Earth Didnt Form Close to Each Other appeared first on Universe Today . [...]

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