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    1. Record Breaker! 8th Alien Planet Found Around Distant Star
      Thu Dec 14 00:18:00 2017
      Scientists have discovered an eighth exoplanet, Kepler-90i, around a distant star, mirroring the number of planets in our own solar system. See how Google machine-learning technology and NASAs Kepler space telescope made the discovery. [...]
    2. Japanese Company Raises Record 90 Million for Moon Missions
      Tue Dec 12 10:01:00 2017
      The Tokyo-based company ispace has just raised 90 million to help make its moon-exploration dreams come true. [...]
    3. Earths Mysterious Hum Recorded Underwater for 1st Time
      Mon Dec 11 05:43:00 2017
      Our planet is "humming," and scientists are getting closer to figuring out why. [...]
    4. 200-Year-Old Journal Reveals Rare American Sunspot Records
      Fri Dec 8 06:00:00 2017
      A journal of a Maine reverend reveals detailed sunspot observations during the 1816 "year without a summer." [...]
    5. NASA to release Voyager Golden Record as a vinyl box set
      Tue Nov 28 18:44:00 2017
      Speaking as a space-loving child of the 70s and a music fan, it was hard to contain my excitement when NASA took to Kickstarter to fund a pressing of the space agencys Voyager Golden Records. Sent into space in 1977, the Golden Record cont[...]
    6. Peggy Whitson: Record-Holding Astronaut
      Mon Nov 6 10:51:00 2017
      Astronaut Peggy Whitson has spent more time in space than any other American, and that is only one of the records she holds. Still active with NASA, she hopes to spend even more time in space. [...]
    7. SpaceX Matches ULA Single Year Launch Record with KoreaSat, Record Breaker On Tap: PhotoVideo Gallery
      Wed Nov 1 22:32:29 2017
      KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - With the stunningly beautiful Halloween eve liftoff of the commercial KoreaSat-5A telecomsat payload from the Florida Space Coast, SpaceX matched competitor United Launch Alliances ULA single year launch record of 16 m[...]
    8. SpaceX Ties ULAs Annual Launch Record With 16th Launch This Year
      Wed Nov 1 05:53:00 2017
      SpaceXs Oct. 30 launch of the Koreasat-5A telecommunications satellite doubled the number of Falcon 9 missions completed in a single year and ties the company with United Launch Alliances record of 16 launches in one year. [...]
    9. Bible May Record Oldest Known Solar Eclipse
      Tue Oct 31 10:34:00 2017
      A possible reference to a solar eclipse in the Bible could help pinpoint the reign of Ramesses the Great. [...]
    10. Monster Planet, Tiny Star: Record-Breaking Duo Puzzles Astronomers
      Tue Oct 31 01:26:00 2017
      A giant planet has been found orbiting an ultracool dwarf star the largest planet compared to its star ever found leaving scientists baffled at how the duo could have formed. [...]

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