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    1. Comets Record-Breaking Slowdown Could Cause It to Wobble Like a Top
      Fri Jan 12 03:25:00 2018
      In 2018, an icy rock known as 41P slowed its spin at an unprecedented rate, about 10 times that of the next-ranked comet. [...]
    2. NASAs newly renamed Swift Mission spies a comet slowdown
      Wed Jan 10 14:04:52 2018
      NASAs Swift spacecraft, now renamed the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory after the missions late principal investigator, has detected the most dramatic change in a comets rotation ever seen. [...]
    3. On This Day In Space! Jan. 2, 2004: Stardust Encounters Comet Wild 2 Video
      Tue Jan 2 11:49:00 2018
      On Jan. 2, 2004, NASAs Stardust spacecraft flew by comet Wild 2 to collect some comet dust and bring it back to Earth.Take a look back in our video here! [...]
    4. NASAs robots will either explore Titan or study a comet
      Thu Dec 21 11:44:00 2017
      NASAs New Frontiers program consists of a series of unmanned missions with the intent of exploring the solar system. The missions are designed to target specific goals as defined by the broader planetary community. Yesterday, NASA announced [...]
    5. NASA plans a launch to Titan or a return to comet 67P in 2025
      Thu Dec 21 04:30:00 2017
      In 2025 NASA will either launch a probe to bring back samples from comet 67P, previously visited by Rosetta, or send a drone-like craft to Saturns moon Titan[...]
    6. NASA Invests in Concept Development for Missions to Comet, Saturn Moon Titan
      Wed Dec 20 13:03:00 2017
      NASA has selected two finalist concepts for a robotic mission planned to launch in the mid-2020s: a comet sample return mission and a drone-like rotorcraft that would explore potential landing sites on Saturns largest moon, Titan.[...]
    7. NASA Shortlists Titan Quadcopter, Comet Sample-Return Concepts for 2020s Mission
      Wed Dec 20 01:13:00 2017
      NASA has picked two innovative mission ideas, a comet sample-return mission and a quadcopter concept to explore Saturns big moon Titan, as its finalists for its next solar system mission to launch in the mid-2020s. [...]
    8. Updates on Oumuamau. Maybe its a Comet, Actually. Oh, and no Word From Aliens.
      Tue Dec 19 16:26:02 2017
      On October 19th, 2017, the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System-1 Pan-STARRS-1 in Hawaii announced the first-ever detection of an interstellar object, named 1I2017 U1 aka. Oumuamua. After originally hypothesizing that it was a [...]
    9. Interstellar Object Oumuamua Could Be a Comet in Disguise
      Mon Dec 18 00:30:00 2017
      While it looks like an asteroid, the first interstellar object spotted passing through the solar system, called Oumuamua, may be more like a comet in disguise. [...]
    10. NASA telescope studies quirky comet 45P
      Tue Dec 5 16:02:52 2017
      When comet 45P zipped past Earth early in 2017, researchers observing from NASAs Infrared Telescope Facility, or IRTF, in Hawaii gave the long-time trekker a thorough astronomical checkup. The results help fill in crucial details about ices in Jupite[...]

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