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    1. NASA Scientists Tips to See the Super Blue Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse
      Tue Jan 30 03:58:00 2018
      The supermoon lunar eclipse on Jan. 31 is shaping up to be a spectacular spectacle as well as a boon for moon researchers, according to NASA moon scientist Noah Petro. [...]
    2. Cosmic Cotton Swab Looms Over Arizona in Lunar Eclipse Time-Lapse Photo
      Tue Jan 30 02:43:00 2018
      During a total lunar eclipse on Aug. 28, 2007, astrophotographer Donna Chesler captured this unusual time-lapse image of what appears to be a giant cotton swab looming over Mingus Mountain in northern Arizonas Prescott National Forest. [...]
    3. Super Blue Lunar Eclipse
      Tue Jan 30 00:03:36 2018
      The Moon will turn dark red or orange in the early hours of January 31 as it passes through Earths shadow, creating a total lunar eclipse similar to this one in 2014. The eclipse occurs at full Moon. Since this is the second full Moon of January, i[...]
    4. NASA will stream Wednesdays rare blue moon lunar eclipse
      Mon Jan 29 14:18:00 2018
      On Wednesday, parts of the US will get to view a very special lunar eclipse . While typical lunar eclipses arent terribly rare -- the next full one viewable from North America will occur in January 2019 -- this one combines a total eclipse [...]
    5. NASA Television to Air Live Coverage of Upcoming Rare Lunar Eclipse
      Mon Jan 29 11:54:00 2018
      Sky-gazers are in for a rare treat Wednesday, Jan. 31, when three celestial events combine to create a super blue blood moon. NASA Television and the agencys website will provide live coverage of the celestial spectacle beginning at 5:30 a.m. EST.[...]
    6. Get Set For a Super Blue Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse
      Fri Jan 26 09:01:23 2018
      Can you feel the tremor in the Force? Early next Wednesday morning internet astro-memes collide, in one of the big ticket sky events of the year, with a total lunar eclipse dubbed as get ready -- a Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse. The post Get Se[...]
    7. Google Lunar X Prize Teams Plan to Keep Shooting for the Moon
      Fri Jan 26 02:59:00 2018
      The finalists in the Google Lunar X Prize competition say they will continue efforts to send spacecraft to the moon despite the expiration of the prize in March. [...]
    8. Super Blue Blood Moon Will Force NASA to Shut Down Lunar Spacecraft Instruments
      Fri Jan 26 01:55:00 2018
      The combination of a supermoon, a blue moon, and a full lunar eclipse on January 31 means NASA scientists will temporarily turn off instruments aboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. Heres why. [...]
    9. The Super Blue Blood Moon of 2018 May Unlock Secrets of the Lunar Surface
      Thu Jan 25 05:33:00 2018
      The Super Blue Blood Moon will be a treat for skywatchers, and this rare celestial event on January 31 will give scientists a chance to learn more about moon dust, like how "fluffy" it is. [...]
    10. Googles 20 million Lunar Xprize will end without a winner
      Mon Jan 22 13:55:00 2018
      The Lunar Xprize is about to come to an anticlimactic end after more than a decade . Google has confirmed to CNBC that it doesnt plan to extend the 20 million competition past its March 31st deadline -- itself an extension well beyond [...]

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