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    1. Signal Detected by Amateur Astronomer Came from Long-Lost Satellite, NASA Confirms
      Wed Jan 31 00:28:00 2018
      An amateur astronomer appears to have made contact with the Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration IMAGE satellite, which lost contact with NASA in 2005. [...]
    2. Explorer 1: Americas First Satellite in Pictures
      Tue Jan 30 08:09:00 2018
      On Jan. 31, 1958, the United States joined the space age with the successful launch of the satellite Explorer 1. See photos of the spacecraft and the mission team here. [...]
    3. Relive the Launch of Explorer 1, Americas 1st Satellite Videos
      Tue Jan 30 07:33:00 2018
      Most of us werent around to witness the launch of the United States first successful satellite, Explorer 1, on Jan. 31, 1958. But we can still get a sense of the drama and importance of the moment from the newsreels that documented it. [...]
    4. SpaceX Launching Satellite Aboard Used Rocket Today: Watch Live
      Tue Jan 30 06:21:00 2018
      SpaceX is pressing another pre-flown rocket into service today Jan. 30 for a satellite launch that you can watch live. [...]
    5. NASA Invites Media to Upcoming NOAA GOES-S Satellite Launch
      Mon Jan 29 10:10:00 2018
      Media accreditation is open for the launch Thursday, March 1, of the second in the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrations NOAAs series of next-generation geostationary weather satellites.[...]
    6. Long-Lost NASA Satellite May Have Been Found by Amateur Astronomer
      Mon Jan 29 08:29:00 2018
      An amateur astronomer appears to have made contact with the Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration IMAGE satellite, which lost contact with NASA in 2005. [...]
    7. Over a Decade Later, NASAs Long-Dead IMAGE Satellite May Have Come Back to Life
      Sat Jan 27 11:30:00 2018
      A 150 million NASA satellite which died from systems failure just five years after its launch has somehow reactivated and is still broadcasting, Science reported Friday. a href="https:g[...]
    8. SES-14 and Al Yah 3 satellites orbited by Ariane 5 on Flight VA241
      Fri Jan 26 18:15:44 2018
      Both spacecraft launched on Flight VA241 SES-14 and Al Yah 3 have been acquired and are operating in orbit nominally, despite a trajectory deviation experienced during the mission. This was confirmed by the satellites operators, SES and Yahsat, [...]
    9. The Canadian Satellite Design Challenge Receives CSA Grant
      Fri Jan 26 11:19:57 2018
      The Canadian Space Agency CSA is demonstrating that even as its about to name the teams in its own Canadian CubeSat Project, that its willing to provide funding to other CubeSat initiatives, in this case the Canadian Space Design Cha[...]
    10. NASAs GOLD Instrument, SES-14 Satellite on Track After Launch Anomaly
      Fri Jan 26 10:00:00 2018
      The satellite company SES confirmed that its SES-14 communications satellite, which hosts an upper-atmosphere-observation mission from NASA, will be able to reach its final orbit just four weeks late after a launch anomaly saw the rocket lose contact[...]

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