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    1. Four Solo Solo: A Star Wars Story Posters
      Mon Feb 5 11:23:00 2018
      Han, Chewie, Qira, and Lando. [...]
    2. Astronomers Detect a Swarm of Tiny Objects Orbiting an Alien Sun
      Mon Feb 5 11:08:00 2018
      These dusty comets, speeding through distance space, are the smallest objects ever detected in another star system. [...]
    3. Wars Rage in Star Trek: Discovery Episode 14
      Mon Feb 5 02:49:00 2018
      In "Star Trek: Discovery" Episode 14, "The War Without, the War Within," the USS Discovery is back in the normal universe, so things should be back to normal, right? [...]
    4. Weekly Space Hangout Jan 31, 2018: Andrzej Stewart of the Hi-SEAS IV Mars Simulation Mission
      Wed Jan 31 12:56:03 2018
      Hosts: Fraser Cain fcain Dr. Paul M. Sutter PaulMattSutter Dr. Kimberly Cartier AstroKimCartier Dr. Morgan Rehnberg MorganRehnberg &038; S[...]
    5. Stellar embryos in nearby dwarf galaxy contain surprisingly complex organic molecules
      Tue Jan 30 14:22:12 2018
      The nearby dwarf galaxy known as the Large Magellanic Cloud LMC is a chemically primitive place. Unlike the Milky Way, this semi-spiral collection of a few tens-of-billions of stars lacks our galaxys rich abundance of heavy elements, like carbon, o[...]
    6. The CSA Awards 600K Contracts for ROI Study on Deep Space Telecommunications Technologies and UVOptical Wide Field Space Astronomy Study
      Mon Jan 29 09:51:05 2018
      The Canadian Space Agency CSA late last week issued two contracts totalling over 600K for two studies. The contracts were awarded to Euroconsult and COM DEV Honeywell Canada. The Euroconsult contract is valued at 100,948 and is for a study on [...]
    7. Monday Spacewalk Postponed as CSA Finds Software Solution to Canadarm2 LEE Communication Problem
      Sun Jan 28 09:45:24 2018
      A spacewalk which was scheduled for early tomorrow morning has been postponed after the Canadian Space Agency CSA said in a post on Facebook that it had found a solution to the problem. The communication problem first experienced whenastronauts r[...]
    8. Station Crew Looks to Monday Spacewalk and Works on Science Hardware
      Thu Jan 25 15:55:16 2018
      Two Expedition 54 astronauts continue preparing for Mondays upcoming spacewalk to wrap up robotics repair work. The crew is also working on a variety of science gear to ensure the orbital laboratory is in tip-top shape. Flight Engineer Mark Vande[...]
    9. Wheres the Line Between Massive Planet and Brown Dwarf Star?
      Thu Jan 25 14:08:09 2018
      Astronomers have debated which objects are gas giants like Jupiter, and which are more correctly called brown dwarfs. A new study aims to end that debate. The post Wheres the Line Between Massive Planet and Brown Dwarf Star? appeared fir[...]
    10. Haumea: Fast-Spinning Dwarf Planet
      Wed Jan 24 07:44:00 2018
      Haumea, the fifth body in the solar system to be classified as a dwarf planet, spins faster than any other known large body in the solar system. [...]

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