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    1. See Mars, Jupiter Get Together Before Dawn This Month
      Fri Jan 5 06:20:00 2018
      If you manage to get out of bed before sunrise in early January, a conjunction of Mars and Jupiter will greet you in the predawn sky. [...]
    2. Dawn to Fly Closer to Ceres Than Ever in Missions Final Phase
      Sun Dec 17 11:58:00 2017
      NASAs Dawn mission to the main asteroid belt, granted a second extended mission earlier this year, will end later next year after a final set of close-up observations of the dwarf planet Ceres. [...]
    3. Dawn of a galactic collision
      Thu Dec 14 13:07:27 2017
      A riot of color and light dances through this peculiarly shaped galaxy, NGC 5256. Its smoke-like plumes are flung out in all directions and the bright core illuminates the chaotic regions of gas and dust swirling through the galaxys center. Its odd s[...]
    4. Predawn Sky Show! See the Geminids, Mars, Jupiter & the Moon Wednesday
      Tue Dec 12 04:56:00 2017
      Watch a waning crescent moon pass the dim Red Planet during the early hours of Dec. 13 and then brilliant Jupiter the following morning, as an eye-catching show to accompany the Geminid meteor shower. [...]
    5. Dawn Captures Sharper Images of Ceres
      Wed Nov 15 12:48:48 2017
      Craters and mysterious bright spots are beginning to pop out in the latest images of Ceres from NASAs Dawn spacecraft. [...]
    6. Dawn spacecraft explores dwarf planet Ceres interior evolution
      Thu Nov 9 12:57:03 2017
      Surface features on Ceres -- the largest world between Mars and Jupiter -- and its interior evolution have a closer relationship than one might think. A recent study analyzed Ceres surface features to reveal clues about the dwarf planets interior evo[...]
    7. Dawn Gets Closer Views of Ceres
      Wed Nov 1 11:30:10 2017
      NASAs Dawn spacecraft, on approach to dwarf planet Ceres, has acquired its latest and closest-yet snapshot of this mysterious world. [...]
    8. Dawn Delivers New Image of Ceres
      Wed Nov 1 04:10:16 2017
      As NASAs Dawn spacecraft closes in on Ceres, new images show the dwarf planet at 27 pixels across, about three times better than the calibration images taken in early December. [...]
    9. Geologic Maps of Vesta from NASAs Dawn Mission Published
      Wed Nov 1 03:20:34 2017
      Images from NASAs Dawn Mission have been used to create a series of high-resolution geological maps of the large asteroid Vesta, revealing the variety of surface features in unprecedented detail. [...]
    10. Dawn Operating Normally After Safe Mode Triggered
      Wed Nov 1 03:05:54 2017
      The Dawn spacecraft has resumed normal ion thrusting after the thrusting unexpectedly stopped and the spacecraft entered safe mode on September 11. [...]

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