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    1. Summary Of Todays NASA CFO Budget Briefing
      Mon Feb 12 16:56:23 2018
      I asked NASA CFO what happens after 2025 if commercial users do not show up to pay ISS operating expenses. Does NASA Abandon ISS? If so who owns U.S. assets on ISS if NASA not longer uses them? Answer: "I do not know the an[...]
    2. Texas Students to Speak with NASA Astronaut on Space Station
      Mon Feb 12 16:42:00 2018
      Students from Highland Village, Texas, will speak with a NASA astronaut living, working and doing research aboard the International Space Station at 1:10 p.m. EST Wednesday, Feb. 14. The 20-minute, Earth-to-space call will air live on NASA Television[...]
    3. The Real Reason Why NASA Got A Big Budget Plus Up
      Mon Feb 12 16:06:23 2018
      Letter From OMB Director Mulvaney to Houe Speaker Ryan , OMB "This addendum includes additional funding for a limited set of Administration priorities, but notably, it also proposes to use higher spending caps as an opportunity to f[...]
    4. NASA Updates Russian Space Station Cargo Ship Launch, Docking Coverage
      Mon Feb 12 15:10:00 2018
      Loaded with three tons of food, fuel and supplies, a Russian Progress cargo spacecraft is scheduled to launch at 3:13 a.m. EST 2:13 p.m. Baikonur time Tuesday, Feb. 13, to resupply the International Space Station.[...]
    5. NASA FY 2019 Budget Proposal Released
      Mon Feb 12 13:26:57 2018
      Feb. 12 State of NASA Events Highlight Agency Goals for Space Exploration "Lightfoot will provide a "State of NASA" address to the agencys workforce at 1 p.m. EST from Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. His remark[...]
    6. NASA may lose a major space telescope and space station funding
      Mon Feb 12 12:11:00 2018
      President Trump wants to cut back on major NASA projects, including a space telescope to study dark matter and dark energy, and US funding for the space station[...]
    7. NASA Acting Administrator Statement on Fiscal Year 2019 Budget Proposal
      Mon Feb 12 12:00:00 2018
      Statement from acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot on the Fiscal Year 2019 agency budget proposal.[...]
    8. NASA Budget Proposal Plans End of NASA Funding of ISS, Seeks Commercial Transition
      Mon Feb 12 05:54:00 2018
      NASAs fiscal year 2019 budget proposal will include plans to end funding for the International Space Station in 2025, but leaves open the possibility of handing part or all of the station over to private operators. [...]
    9. NASA Studying Commercial Crew Contingency Plans
      Mon Feb 12 04:41:00 2018
      NASA is beginning to study a contingency option for maintaining access to the International Space Station should commercial crew vehicle development experience delays, one that would turn test flights of those vehicles into operational missions. [...]
    10. Trumps NASA Budget Would Cancel Space Telescope & 5 Earth Science Missions
      Mon Feb 12 03:00:00 2018
      The Trump administrations budget request for fiscal year 2019 calls for work on a major NASA space observatory and five Earth-science missions to be canceled. NASAs Office of Education would also be terminated. [...]

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